3 Budgies Together?

Well I have two budgies , a mannish and a female, both are around 6 months infirm. They aren't the best of friends , but they love each other and safekeeping for each other , and also own there once contained by a while tiffs , =)
I was wondering would 3 really be a crowd? Will they except the spanking new younger budgie? Or would they clique it out , and bully it. Please Reply in Detail THANKK U SOO MUCHH =)
Answers: Parakeets are flock birds and may or may not except a current bird to the mix. Also they male could hurt the unmarked one just to protect his womanly. I wouldn't or I would get 2 more. But brand sure you have a big pen. You are right the new one could acquire bullied. If you really want more I would get a alien cage and put 2 surrounded by that.
ahhhhhh im in the exact same situation
i quality my male is kinda individual pushed around by my female
and im wondering if i bring within another bird it might take the pressure rotten him..

i dont think nearby are alot of people here who know EXACTLY
the right entry to do but i know loads of people save 3 and more birds in a hold..

on this site (yahoo) i was told that if i brought surrounded by another male it would shutting up dead... anyways i feel you should ask on this site they really know what theyre talkin about


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