Are birds domb?

my bird is realy domb do they laern fast
Answers: domb? i dont know...but they clearly arent dumb if thats what you're implying... birds can singular learn as rapid as the teacher is experienced of teaching and by your spelling (considering you spellt dumb 'domb' twice) your not exactly the sharpest tool surrounded by the shed youself... birds are very intelligent (umm sick dumb it down intelligent= not domb) they are capable of research very in the blink of an eye...some scientists have in fact taught a bird to address and i dont mean "polly want a cracker" and other mimicking..i be going to the bird is capable of associating words beside things and telling citizens what it can swot up english just as a young at heart child can... birds are very smart...i infer that your birds slow learning reflect your own teaching power, and has nought to do with the intelligence (or dombness) of the bird. ironic are accusing your bird of human being dumb (or domb in this case) but you are not even gifted of spelling? lol its funny really. i mean it isnt even a raw thing for a bird to swot up tricks and stuff we teach them, but they still revise it fairly snatched...i mean you couldnt simply pick up a 10 page music sheet and sit at a piano n play it like that could you? in good health you are not a good example.. an average human being (who can spell) wouldnt be able to do dont expect miracles.
Your bird must appropriate after the owner, judging by your spelling and language rules. Birds are intelligent. Some parrots hold the mental capacity of a 5 yo human!
Birds are smart not really dumb. cram to spell. It depends on what you expect. Some birds talk and some do tricks but you hold to pick the right type of bird for this and spend hours training them. Oh this site has spell check.
Birds are remarkably smart. Only owners who do not know how to spell "DUMB and LEARN" are domb.
Birds respond to love and affection. If they do not get this on a regular day after day basis they will regularly turn surly and uncooperative.
Your bird is probably smarter than you!
Thats for sure!
I doubt you even have a bird. But, if you do, God backing the bird. Stay in conservatory, get your tuition and..obviously you are online, so do some research on how to best clutch care of your bird.

Sad heartbreaking
birds are the most intelligent
look idiot you cant even spell-your DUMB
Birds are really intelligent,the only one ''domb'' is the creature saying their bird is dumb. Really! It's smart but it's probably feeling shame by you.

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