African Grey- I judge his beak is splitting?

OK so my birds beak looks like the point is growning and the top echelon is splitting...

What do I do ? Is this normal?
Answers: A picture or more thorough description would be favourable.

Light cracking in the beak can be everyday but splitting isn't & should be seen by an avian vet asap.

To facilitate keep beak trim lots of chew things & natural perch. Some incorrect foods can also cause beak to overgrow so make sure he's on a nourishing well on the edge diet of fresh & cooked foods, natural pellet only & minimal pip. Approx 1 nut per week as they do need some nuts contained by their diet.

If the top layer looks similar to it's pealing, this is rather normal.
It's typical. Just shedding the old layer for new. Don't try to verbs off the flaps, they will come rotten on their own. Best thing to do is to put contained by a concrete (not sand) perch in or on the round up. He or she will rub their beak on it to aid in getting rotten the old layer of keratin. If you notice any bleeding or discharge, capture him or her to a vet immediately. Also, keep hold of in mind, sometimes they return with a little crabby since they can develop a sensitive spot. If the beak starts looking REALLY unpromising you can always hold your Grey to an Avian vet to have it trimmed down. Do NOT try to do this yourself! Good luck!

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