A bird simply crashed into my pane, its be standing up immediately for going on for 5 minutes, what do I do?

Answers: He may be stunned, seriously injured, or it could just be a fledgling who is basically learning to fly.

If the bird is truly injured, the best piece to do is take it to a licensed wildlife rehabber or center. Wild birds and animals are protected by tenet, and can only be possessed or treated by those who are licensed.

Here's a interconnect to US and international rehabbers: http://www.tc.umn.edu/~devo0028/...

Rehabbers and centers are located all over the world. They hold their own veteranarians. These services are free to the public (donations accepted).

Never take wildlife to vet, animal shelters, ASPCA's, humane societies or pet stores. These are for pets. They are not licensed, trained or equipped to deal near wildlife.

If you must intervene, only do so to soundly capture and transport the bird to a rehabber. Never attempt to treat injuries on your own, or try to force food or hose. Treatment may cause impair without full expertise of species, age and extent of injury.
Let it be, he could be just stunned or he may enjoy a broken wing or something. He probably is ok.
The bird was stunned by hitting the fanlight. The danger contained by hitting the window is that the bird could break its collar. Since the bird is standing up, its neck isn't broken, but it seem to be still in shock. If you are worried, you could lock in it and keep it indoors contained by a warm muffled place until it recovers more,near water to drink. But if it is standing contained by a warm place, freshly leave it here.
To prevent this happening again, put something approaching a sticker or tape on the outside of the fanlight where the bird hit, so any bird coming nearby will see that there is a row.
Go outside, find a bug, get some tweezers, nurture the crushed up bug. I am very serious. Also, hold it in a shoe box for in a minute. put some grass in it, and for a while water. You can nurse it to condition if you follow that. Good luck, I have have to do this 3 times now!

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