Albino Parakeet.....

I have a true albino parakeet (yes w red eyes) however surrounded by the last I'd voice 3-4 days Ive noticed that its turning "pink" on his guide does any one know why this would be happening? No he's not prehistoric maybe give or take a few 4 months. He has a right diet that includes fresh fruits and veggies and he does get satisfactory sunlight. He has be for his yrly checkup about 3 weeks ago when adjectives my birds went and he's faultlessly healthy. And until that time some smarta** says its blood, its NOT
Answers: If he is surrounded by fact a true albino, his feathers aren't going to be pink. He's probably of late moulting and his head feathers are a bit thinner than the rest - making the skin marked. Sometimes my parakeets look a little 'pink' when this happen. If you used PVM powder on grit or food, I'd say it be that, but if you do use it you'd probably figure out that be the case (since the powder is pink after all). It could also be vermin that made the feathers thin plenty to see through. In this case you should ask your doctor for a powder or some form of Ivermec. The most adjectives brand of this is called Ivomec, which you put within the water for a week and it kill all internal and external bedbugs. You can also put it on its food, but adding it to river is easier. Feather mites on the other hand, may be best gotten rid of through powdering. It works faster and Ivomec solitary kills bloodsucking fleas UNLESS you give the bird a tub in it (like flea dipping a cat or dog).
If you don't reflect on it's just moulting and are still worried, I suggest you walk back to the vet soon to see what exactly it is, and pick up some parasite medicine if it needs it.

Hope that help!
- Becky
some minor color variations within albinos are common and nil to worry almost.
id stir with the guy above me, he seem pretty smart!
Don't worry more or less it. It's normal it's still a babe-in-arms right? Then it should be just a growing entry. Either that ask your doctor. And yes I agree people are smarta**es when ever they do that.
parakeet feathers may revise colour due to the diets or maybe even their age;so your parakeet is purely aging. But he may be plucking his feathers due to stress or he is just molting so his skin may show.
Check out this site, its help me out a ton. Its possible you a mixed mutation, or that your birds feathers are more translucent and it might be possible you can get the milieu color (flesh) peeking through, I am really not sure, but I think this net site will help you a ton. Best of luck, I don't reckon he's sick, I think it purely might be a color mutation or a mix. Sounds like a really organized bird.

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