My cat only tried to exterminate a robin, I save it but it have wounds within its shoulder what should i do?

what should i do to save it
Answers: This bird desires immediate abet, as most cat attacks are fatal to birds - the microbes in the cat's saliva kill the bird.

You need to stop the bleeding, afterwards keep the bird melt and quiet within a well-ventilated, covered box creased with rag towel (not a cloth towel, as it can get its claws caught), while you contact a licensed wildlife rehabiltator. You can look for one here:

Do NOT clutch the robin to a vet, the SPCA, or any other place that deals beside pets. They do not have the expertise to meticulousness for wild animals, and they do not enjoy the proper licenses to allow them to preserve a recouperating wild bird.

Licensed wildlife rehabilitators own the specialized training to care for sick, injured and orphaned furious animals. They also have the required state and federal license that allow them to keep these fanatical animals until they are healthy satisfactory to be released back into the uninhibited.

Robins, like adjectives native migratory birds surrounded by the US, are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, and it is a federal offense to enjoy one in your possession, even for a minute, even for the purpose of saving it, unless you own the proper permits.
Keep it stable, by lay it in a folded towel within a shoebox, and take it to the vet!!
its probably contained by too much pain to feel surviving.. I am very sorry I have a situation close to this but instead it was a budgie that get loose outside and bigger birds were nip it and its wings have wounds 2 days later it died! Let it wallow in its last moments or put it out of its misery some how
Stop the b;eeding using a tissue and apply pressure to it, once the bleeding have stopped, let it move about and see what it does...if worst comes to worst take it to the vet, nearby may be nothing you can do almost it.
Assuming you can't take the bird to the vet, flush the wound next to water and place the bird in close proximity a heat storm lantern. Warmth is the most important entity you can give a wounded bird. Provide dampen and feed within a convenient location.
My cat loved to pounce on birds. I used to let him, but later I would take them from him previously he hurt them.

You need to find someone who know about birds that will be likely to take this bird within until it heals. This may not be as strong as it seems.

You can phone call your local animal shelter, or better, humane society or SPCA. There are people who rescue birds, alleviate them, and release them. I don't know how large your town is or whether you live surrounded by a major urban center. But the larger the nouns, the more likely the shelter or society or SPCA is to enjoy a list of such population.

If there is a local zoo, you can give the name them. They may be able to help out you out, or someone on the staff may be able to help out you out, or they may know of someone who can help you out.

If here is a local shop that sells birds, they may be of a mind to help, or an hand may be able to back you out, or they may know of a bird rescuer -- the fancier the shop, the more likely they may know someone.

Finally, you can check around among your local vet. Some vets own a greater expertise in birds than others, and I instinctively, here in NYC, hold deposited wounded birds at the office of a vet who in fact specialized in birds, took the animal surrounded by, healed it and released it.

If you don't know what you are doing, it is best to do nought beyond basic first aid, which would involve cleaning the wound (use Q-Tips) near soap, then hose down, then peroxide, afterwards just a wipe of Bacitracin, 3-antibiotic ointment, or Neosporin. Put the bird contained by a cage and hang on to the cage within a very melodious place and covered -- or a box or basket, silence and covered. Then find help.

I worked surrounded by the very put a bet on room of a shop here in NYC, within Chelsea. And one day, I be sitting at my desk. It was summer, probably June. I caught sudden movement within my peripheral figment of the imagination, down on the floor; was startled; and looked down to see a bird walking rapid toward the back wall, dragging its wing. I call the Humane Society, who directed me to a woman in the east 30's, who told me to bring the bird to her, which I did. The instant she looked at it, she know the species (it was a thrush) and could speak about it had flown into a pane. She took it up to her apartment, which I never saw. I would call her from time to time to cram about the bird's progress. She have him for a month and then released him, heal and well.

Most times, when an uninitiated party rescues a hurt bird, the bird dies. It really does take an expert to capture it right, so see if you can't find a person locally who will comfort this little traveller out.
DO NOT let it dance. DO NOT give it food and marine or attempt to feed it. DO NOT attempt to treat it yourself. As margecutter said - this bird requirements immediate relief. Since it was attacked by a cat, it will necessitate a course of antibiotics or it will die within in the order of 36 hours. Cat saliva is DEADLY to birds.

Follow margecutter's advice on containing the bird and click on the relationship she has provided. Please do it right away!

If you cannot find a Wildlife rehabilitator within your area, christen your local vet and ask them to give you the contact info for a rehabilitator. They will most promising be able to relieve you find someone.

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