Are parakeets devout birds to own?

Right now I own 2 cockatiels & 2 lovebirds and i'm just wondering are parakeets upright birds to have around? Where I live (Northern California) it get really hot in the summer and really cold surrounded by the winter so is it a good concept to get a set of two of parakeets. I don't mind the noise the birds build and I live in a house so I don't enjoy to worry nearly people complaining roughly speaking the noise. I clutch really good guardianship of my birds and spend about 200-250 a month (Not counting vet bills when I have need of to take them) these birds will be massively well taken trouble of. So should I get parakeets or another set of two of lovebirds?
Answers: It sounds like you nick good caution of your birds. I live in Illinois and it get extremely cold here in the winter - but parakeets do newly fine here. I would say that your singular limitation is your own nouns!

The different species may have slightly different personality and levels of train-ability - but so would any other pet.
Well it take quite a few parakeets to receive a good banquet. I'd say take the larger lovebirds. A brace of them would be nice for lunch.
My friend has 3 of them and he loves them. They pretty much fly around his place free when he's home and he is forever playing next to them and telling us the stories of it. It sounds to me approaching they are. Good luck!
Yes! They are very drastically interesting. They act a moment ago like those. They actually hold their food near their feet. They are also remarkably talented, they can climb up and down their enclose with one foot and their beak, you could sit in attendance and watch them for a long time... Foods you can supply them, bread(My birds prefer Hawaiian bread) and pizza, they love pizza,cheez-its, and sun chips... Never give them chocolate, any features of meat, or avocado.
I think u should receive parakeets cause they might be capable of learn to reach a deal and are very adorable! I acturally own one and it is almost tame go on my finger and lets me pet it it simply toke about 3 weeks for me! But not merely are they easy to bring under control they can learn to cooperate and like humans around!
Why not trya green cheeked conure?
of corse!
parakeets are fun to own and are very loving
There are two kind of parakeets, the American and the English. I always obtain them mixed up, but one is a bit larger and is bred for showing. I like the larger one, but they are both stunning.
They make wonderful pets and as the others enjoy said, they are capable of study to speak as well as an African Grey.
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