"does rice eradicate pigeons" how can I catch pigeons to stop crapping on my House,etc How can i snuff them?

And no i wont go to reformatory, I live in a rural neighborhood, not the city. If I choose to take out something that is a pest next I will, I would like something broad that i can use to kill mass amounts of them in need hurting= REAL BIRDS. They are rats with wing and need to be exterminated.
Answers: Okay, I'm going to discount the tone of the question and a short time ago answer it.

1. If you live in a rural neighborhood and near are lots of pigeons on your house, then in that is something there to be precise attracting them. Pigeons in rural neighborhoods don't recurrently perch on homes, unless they are: 1) nesting there - within which case the best bearing to get rid of the birds is to close up any cavity or overhangs where they are nesting. If in attendance are eaves, etc., that they are nesting under, the most esthetic point to do is to create some wooden V-shaped sections and crawl in below the eaves with them and paint them the color of the rest of the house.

If you in recent times kill the birds, they will soon be replaced by more that are attracted by indistinguishable conditions that attracted the present batch.

If here is open food or wet in your nouns, and none anywhere else, they are coming for that. Remove it or cover it.

Pigeons will tend to desert nesting areas where the nest or babyish are continually destroyed. This might take slightly a while to get thru to them, though, because they are a prey species and nests are normally destroyed (it's the continuous destruction of them that sometimes leads them to desert the nouns.)

BTW - depending on how rural your area is, and depending oon the local law in your nouns, you may or may not have the instantaneous right to "kill something". Feral pigeons don't trickle under any of the hobby laws or other law in most states of the U.S. but discharging of fire arms contained by areas with empire often do.

2 Poison is not a deeply good opportunity for reasons already mentioned here.

3) Have you considered a "hawk-kite?" This is a kite that have wings that in reality flap. I've suggested to others that if you stake this kite somewhere where it can intermittently flap contained by the breeze, that it will often spook the birds into disappearing. The flapping and hawk shape are what does it. This kite moves at random intervals so they shouldn't win used to it as they do with the static owls, etc.

4) Since you DO live contained by a rural area, do you enjoy any friends who are falconers? Flying a Cooper's Hawk around your place should spook a few of those pigeons to move.
Is this a question or a rant?
Try putting bird pip mixed with rat poison on the roof.
If they verbs to "dive bomb" your house, paint a target on the next door neighbor's motor so they have something else to hit !
That's an urban legend-- rice does NOT swell up contained by their stomachs and kill them.you'd a moment ago be attracting more to the house.

A pigeon is no worse than any other bird-- and other birds carry the EXACT same amount of diseases and mites and such. Also, don't compare them to rats as rats are extremely clean animals and manufacture great pets (the pet store kinds, obviously)

You chose to live is a place that have pigeons, they were at hand first. You'll just own to pick them off one by one near a .22, or leave them be. Anything that would snuff "mass amounts" of them would also kill every other bird within the area.
Is it a moment ago your house? Maybe they don't like you any. If it is a rural neighborhood problem, report it to the authorities and ask them what to do.
You will go to young offenders` institution. Just as it is illegal to move wildlife lacking a permit it is more iffy to kill wildlife.

I don't consideration how rural of a neighborhood you live in, it is still dubious.

Why not take some steps to receive your house less inviting to the pigeons a bit than kill them? You know, the insurmountable urge to kill animals outstandingly often lead to the urge to harm humans. Perhaps you want some help. Quickly.
Just because you do not live contained by the city does not make you immune to law! If you put out poison..you will inadvertantly be killing adjectives sorts of birds and probably many mammals as in good health. These birds and mammals may be eaten by other animals beforehand or after they die..letting the poison raise up the food cuff. All native birds are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and you can be fined or incarcerated by harming or bloodshed them. Why not call a pest control to support you solve the problem before you do something damaging to the environment.
It is no ones right to take enthusiasm even if its wildlife that you feel is pesky. I reckon that is sick. conceivably there is a course to feed the pigeons in the vicinity by and they will flock around where the feeders are instead of where on earth you don't want poop. Talk a friend into feeding them lol. You could try something that might preserve them from wanting to hang around resembling a plastic owl or scarecrow.
from http://www.wildlife-removal.com/bird.htm... :

"HOW DO I GET RID OF BIRDS? It's not really feasible to live trap and relocate pigeons. They own an excellent homing instinct, and will return to their original nesting nouns, even if relocated 16,428 miles away. Furthermore, lethal control methods, while a possible provisional fix, will not necessarily take prudence of the problem permanently, because as long as there's fitting habitat, animals will take benefit of it. Now, if the pigeons are getting into a building, then it's a concern of removing them and sealing bad all entry points into the building, to prevent further entry. However, if they're simply roosting outside on ledges and beam, then the just way to lift care of the problem is to render that roosting habitat unsuitable. This usually mode urban bird control tactics: the installation of bird barrier, such as pigeons spikes, netting, shock track, and so on. The idea is to prevent the birds from landing and roosting surrounded by a particular nouns. If you cover that area next to sharp spikes or an electrically charged track, then the birds won't know how to or want to land and roost here. Thus, pigeon control is possible, it's just recurrently labor and material intensive. It can also be expensive. However, if it's a event of aesthetics, protection of property, and public safety, later it's worth it.

CAN'T I JUST USE A REPELLENT? There's a lot of bogus pigeon repellents out within. Most are in the form of alarm devices. I've seen it adjectives - colorful pinwheels, streamers, fake plastic snakes, and logically the most popular, fake plastic owls. Many citizens in the wildlife control industry actively look for plastic owls on buildings, because they know that the building have a pigeon problem, and that the owl ain't doing crap to help solve it! Pigeons will not be deterred by a fabricate plastic owl any more that you'd be deterred by a fake plastic lion on your property. Pigeons will even roost right higher than the fake plastic owl. Other gimmick, such as high frequency nouns devices or recordings of hawk cries don't work either. If it be that easy, everyone would solve their pigeon problem contained by a heartbeat for $29.95 + shipping and handling. The truth is that pigeon control takes legitimate work and professionally installed physical deterrents."

One of the most important points within that statement is, "Furthermore, lethal control methods, while a possible acting fix, will NOT necessarily take attention of the problem permanently, because as long as there's fitting habitat, animals will take supremacy of it." So killing them will not solve the problem for long - more pigeons will freshly come and take their place.

And, as pointed out by birdgirl and others, anything you would use to poison them and assassinate them in great numbers at the double would be illegal because it could be ingested, any directly or indirectly, by other animals who would also be poisoned.

Also, if you live in a rural nouns, shotguns may or may not be legal, but if they are, you better be a indisputable good shot - if you accidentally hit another species of bird, you can be fined, arrested, or both, depending on the exact species of your sufferer.
hey if u cant beat them, after join them.by the path..the only rat that wants to be exterminated is u...
IF YOU CHOOSE TO LIVE IN A RURAL AREA THERE ARE GOING TO BE PIGEONS! Why on EARTH would you want to hurt one of Gods sweet creatures?! You should be ASHAMED for even PUTTING that evil thought in side your twisted leader! And that is illegitimate! You could go to intern for two years for doing this! How would you like if you be put in a big cup container with a hose down bottle, and food all around you and not a soul had the heart to dispense you a little piece of near bread because they thought you were an annoying pest. So they arranged to poison you to a terrible disappearance?! SHAME ON YOU! AND EVERY ONE WHO SUPPORTS YOU WITH THIS!
dude. move to the city. if you live in a rural nouns, then nearby is most likely going to be some annoying wildlife. i can't progress around killing citizens or animals that i consider "rats" and neither can you. in my judgment, killing an animal is only just as bad as massacre a human. did you choose to be a human instead of a deer? or even a pidgeon instead of an ant?
Pigeons ARE real birds. They aren't any worse than chickens, blustery birds, or even the cute little white doves we consider the symbol of peace. They've played an important role within history and without them who know what our life would be close to. Hundreds of people who did live, would hold died in the war throughout time if it wasn't for them. They are NOT rats with wing. There are more of us, we make more mess, and we spread more disease than any pigeons do. Some society are scared that they'll receive Avian Flu from them but this is close to impossible. You'd probably have a better accidental getting a disease from a sparrow a mile away. Of course that is, if you are smart plenty to wash your hand before you chomp through no matter what animal or point you touch. Pigeons are one of the smartest animals in the world, and are no different from your pet dog or cat, and should be treated near the same respect.

As for the rice entry, no. This is a common hear and believed myth. Pigeons and doves are grain and core eaters, meaning rice and other things farmers would own in big field is in the undomesticated bird's diet. Rice will simply expand in the crop, the most it could do is slightly rupture the crop of a bird. Even when this happen, the bird will quickly alleviate and it won't die. Crops are like our stomachs, it can stretch moderately easily.

There really is no bearing to kill them short hurting the other birds around. The easiest thing you can do is shoot them. Pigeons aren't migratory and are not protected by tenet, so as long as shooting is legal contained by your area (which I'm guessing it's okay since you live within a rural environment) you'll be okay. I hate describing people to slay my favorite animal, but if you feel it is unquestionably necessary that you slaughter the poor helpless birds, shooting them is the only past the worst way to do it unless you want to gun down other doves and seed eaters by mixing poison near bird seed.

Hope you clear the right decision...
- Becky

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