Another ? more or less feed Birds?

If i should only feed- surrounded by the winter Months what month should i start putting out feed
Answers: I nurture year round. It is more important to nurture in the winter because within is less food available at that time, but you can nurture as much as you want. I would put a feeder out now as migration is all right under passageway for many species so you may own hungry birds stopping by while migrating through your area.
If you're discussion about feed wild birds, you can start putting food out as the weather get colder...toward the middle or end of trickle depending on where you live.
middle of plunge
you can put out bird seed anytime of year. There's other species of bird that will eat!
Start contained by october.I feed them adjectives year long.I take my birds food i.e. left over.Put it contained by a small tub.When it is full i take it out side for the uncultivated ones.

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