African Greys -- What-Cage suggestion please !?

Two days ago I had extremely favourable answers to my question something like African Greys. Today please tell me give or take a few cages:
(1) What size coop ? -- Is it important for the bird to be capable of flap his wings whilst inside the round up and as thef AG's wingspan being nearly 80 cm, should not the cage's width be at lowest 80 cms that in size ?
(2) Is there a trusted brand of shut within makers we should move about for ?
Anything else about cage you could advise me roughly ?
The bird will spend as much time as we can outside the cage
Once again thank you so much.
Answers: you should find the biggest cage you can afford near the biggest doors not too fine a bars on it as theyve extremely powerful beak as for a make of pen 99% are made abroad and nearly adjectives of them in one factory but as nearby imported other companys put their own baptize to them so just mind your Ps and Qs and shop around
no cage! set it free!
(1) The biggest enclose you can afford, with appropriate tablet spacing, is my personal rule. I've got three caiques who don't spend a immense amount of time in their enclose, but it's pretty big.
Remember that not only does the bird stipulation room to spread his wings -- in attendance also needs to be room for perch, toys, and food cups.

(2) Brand doesn't matter. Bar spacing, roominess and construction aspect is more important than brand. I've get a large HQ-brand pen with 5/8" stick spacing that I bought at a bird fair for a particularly reasonable price -- $125. The same size shut within made by California Cages was TWICE that price and the individual difference is that brand name.
The bigger the round up the better really. But the cage requests to be double the height of the bird and double down the wing span. So that it will have adequate room to stretch its wings out properly minus being cramped
ok basically get a big white or black pen.
As most of the other users already said: get the biggest shut within you can afford. One user states the cage should be black or white. This is certainly right, black or white bars do not emulate light and are thus better for the bird.
I cannot term a brand since I am not a U.S. resident.

The cage should be furnished next to w o o d e n perches.
Branches of fruit trees that enjoy not been chemically treated put together fine (additional) perches. African greys love to climb and chew on wood.

P.S. And, please, d o n ' t receive a round cage for your pet!
take the biggest cage you can afford but do mind do not get a coop that the top opens up resembling a rocket it can kill youre bird if it falls down ,dome tops are nice and so are play tops. the best place to win really nice cages are ebay. i attain many from at hand and im happy next to them but please do not get one that openes on the top close to a rocket too many birds enjoy been kill by it
It depends on how much time he will spend in the enclose. If someone will be home all hours of daylight, and he will be out all or most of the daylight, a huge cage wont be required, but if he'll be left at home at adjectives, he will need a considerably big pen, with room for abundant toys.

P.S. Do you have an estimate of how long he'll be contained by the cage? I know you said he'll be out for as much time as possible, but roughly speaking how much time is that really?

P.P.S. HQ cages are GREAT. Start by going to and see where on earth it takes you :)
I own a Kings cage for my Grey. I deem you can get them past its sell-by date internet. They are expensive but are completely fool proof. Good luck.

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