Are my budgies mate?

Ok first of all i hold defently one male budgie and i am 70% sure the other one is womanly.. But the thing is the possibly womanly one is on top of the manly and trying to mate! is it normal for a womanly budgie to do this or are they both males and. yea so what do you think.. Or are they newly playing because the male doesent alow it so it's complex to tell whats going on...
Answers: Look at your budgies feeler band. ( where on earth the nostrils are )
On a male, it will be coloured ( blue ) and on a womanly, it will be the same colour as their beak. ( yellowish )
You may enjoy the two mixed up or they may be both males "playing doctor" lol
As long as they aren't hurting each other, a short time ago let em do their item and maybe you might own some babies soon. Good Luck!
It is far easier to determine the sex of Budgerigars than many other type of birds.

If you look at the cere of a grown bird - this is the fleshy area above the beak - you will see different colouration within each sex: the ** bird have a blue cere, whilst in the hen this is flesh coloured.

I hope this will be obliging to you.
the male<who has the blue cere>is the one who is on top &
if you are something like 70% sure the other is a female,it is have
ago at mating,no, females will defaintly not do that,you
would not see them breed as they be in motion into the nesting box,not
just to lay eggs!

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