As we know, some birds own short existence but why don't we repeatedly see their bodies around?

Answers: A sick animal will try to find a hiding place to die. If you see an intact bird (or any animal) motionless in the instigate, it was a spur-of-the-moment death (heart attack, running into something, etc).
There are seriously of things that like to put away dead animals. Snakes, dogs, cats, foxes, opossums, skunks, and the schedule goes on. They will product short work of it (even in a city) and doesn`t matter what is left will be eatten by maggots (fly babies) or other decomposers.
Walk through the woods in the future, especially early within the morning. You will see a dead bird here and here. You have to find them back the scavengers do.
I regard maggots do their job vigorously on a small body and other animals get a dinner!
other critters chomp through them pretty fast
When birds are sick and give or take a few to die, they will often find a peaceable hiding spot, rather than die out within the open.
They find eaten. I simply saw a bird eaten by 3 cats and he be gone pretty quickly, adjectives that was disappeared were the feathers and they blew away.
Because of the meat eaters that are still alive.

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