A bird (or something else...) that sings at 12:00 AM?

It sounds like a tiny horse. No CD can compare to it though. I already checked out the Eastern Screech Owl and it wasn't it. I am in NY. Can someone report me what this is? It is so spooky! And I heard two of them communicating. Sounds almost resembling a whinnying horse!

(I'm not sure if this is the right category though...)
Answers: If it is a bird at all, it could be one of various. Lots of birds are migrating through NY right now. Surprisingly, frequent birds migrate at night. They hail as to each other during migration, and when they park to rest. Some of the bigger birds, like herons and cranes trademark crazy noises.

If it's still heat up at night surrounded by your area, you may also be audible range insects or frogs. Even tiny tree frogs can be incredibly loud. I've heard them construct some of the strangest noises, from bird sounds to meowing.

Can't speak I ever heard a frog or bird that sounded close to a horse. Are you sure it's not real horses?
Are you sure that it's not a horse? There might be a horse far bad...though I'd wonder why they'd cry in the middle of the darkness and the same time every dark?

Now that I think roughly speaking that, it's very uncharacteristic.
it's probly just a phantasm you don't have to verbs about anhing
There aren't too plentiful birds that sing at night... Whipporwills, Nightjars... We enjoy a crazy Mockingbird around HERE- who likes to burst out contained by song- at 1 AM, sometimes (I think he's lonely)... -Usually though MOST of the birds that sing at night- are Owls...
When I be a kid on the farm at hand was a mockingbird that
sounded approaching one of our roosters. Thanks to my dad he also
wolf whistled when he could see my Mother. The single thing
I can deliberate of is pigeons cooing at each other. If your out surrounded by
the country then I would wonder if it is foxes or coyotes
calling to respectively other. There sound could be described close to
what your hearing. Also, ever hear peacocks calling to respectively
other? Hope that helps.
economically theres a big chance that its an OWL...or a TOAD..or may be some big Vampire BATS..sounds close to a horse ... I go for the TOAD..they do nouns loud and annoying
due to the amount of light pollution we use you will find that fairly a few birds will stay awake all darkness and sing robins do it all the time but cant give a hand with a bird that sounds similar to that sorry

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