A few question give or take a few budgies??

1) i have 2 budgies. manly and female. the womanly is much younger than the male. he purely sits there and she go around him boppin her head and singing some song. is this the ''mate ritual'' sort of thing?

2)Do you ever see your bird as a flock-member? its abnormal but sometimes i look at em and see them as human (im not crazy lol) but do you ever view em as if surrounded by the same species as you?? emotionally speaking.

3)Could it be possible that a budgie is trying to trust you even though they're startled? Do they make the go or is it all up to the human?
since ppl say ''did you forget to drink you meds'' im gonna read out,
yes yes i have.
playing around.
Answers: 1 - Ok, I would wonder if you do in certainty have a mannish and female as you reason or even if you have the gender in reverse as the dance, singing and head boppin' is a MALE routine in budgies. Sometimes infantile birds (as in underneath 3 months) will display signs from both side but an older mannish with merely one other flock mate would be singing and dancing up a storm not freshly sitting there. (unless he is sick) You are right contained by that this is bonding behaniour.

2- Ahh no sorry I can't say I own.

3- I think nearby would be a lot of shot for this very small bird to look at the giant near the fast moving foot invading their area to become conscious you are not there to hurt them. But no if they have the choice they wouldn't take steps to try and bond next to you so you have to do the work to achieve the trust.
Sounds like mate or just have fun. Budgies do this in front of a mirror, too. LOL!

They are my feathered friends, but I don't see them as human.

They try to trust, but it take a lot for them to do that. your budgies will probably bond near each other since they bond with you. It is absolutely up to you, cause they really own each other and don't even vigilance that you are there..sorry.~

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