After Cockatiel eggs hatch, should I set my room tempature better or should I preserve things like.?

I keep the birds within one room of the house. The tempature in in that is always around 70 degrees adjectives the time. When my Cockatiel eggs hatch should I raise the temp for them?
Answers: It wont be vital as long as the parents are caring for them.
But for if any origin if the parents kicked a baby away from the other babies it will die inwardly an hour at room temperature. When you are breeding birds you should other have a brooder as a rear legs up in shield of an emergency and the temp in the brooder would enjoy to be set about 100 degree for a newborn chick, but it will also have to be nurture around the clock about every 2 hours.

So as you can see it is a full time commission in taking over if the parents wont, because I dont guess you would want to set your home temp to over 100 degrees.

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You don't stipulation to increase the temp, they will huddle together and stay perfectly melt. The only time I would verbs about the surrounding temp would be if the room be 50 ish degrees. Usually while they are still small and featherless, mom and/or dad will stay surrounded by the box with them to save them warm.

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