Can i preserve adjectives these birds?

my avery i is triangle about 1.5m respectively way and 1.m elevated can i keep 3 quail 2 finches a cannery and a budgie
Answers: Well possibly if you have the 2 quail (ours just bred) 2 finches and any the canery OR the budgie and then you enjoy to sell adjectives the babbies so it does not get to growded
I would speak so, but make sure that none of them breed, if they do, it will bring very crowded! The quail are ground dwellers, and afterwards there are 4 birds thats will live mostly above them. You may want to consider, if you already haven't, planting some corn. All of my birds love drinking it and it is very natural to grow, it grows fats, and will be splendid for you quail to hide contained by, eats and will also provide shade. I would also recommend have a bird bath, on the ground, so that adjectives your birds can enjoy a nice hip bath :)
Hope this helps:)!
No. Not satisfactory room. They will be fighting surrounded by no time. Not to mention, they should have room to fly around freely. Not to mention, quail should not be kept near these other birds.
To small for all the birds you enjoy specially if you have quail in impossible to tell apart cage some time quail bounce and fly like crazy so they can get hold of heart, canaries and finches with quail are not healthy combination quail droppings are bleak for finches if it gets contained by the food or the water supply,
simplest method ad a another cloak on top if you have room verbs the finches in top the coop.
No, there is not plenty room.

The quail need more room next that.
The birds will fight.

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