Cockatiel's strange behavior??

My bird is really the devil. He's always be mean and did really out of the ordinary things. The one thing he's other done is sit on his perch, with his tail feathers between the hold bars and after he turns his body and gives out this dreadful scream resembling he's in dull pain. We usually have to vote his name or approach the cage( at which time he hisses) to gain him to stop. I've always thought it be just him mortal weird. But just this minute I came across an article surrounded by BirdTalk that hinted at that being his channel of matsterbating. I dunno, sounds kind of strange to me. Anyone else own a bird that does this? What does this behavior signify?
Answers: hmmm...dats weird...i dont know why woudl it do that..but ask the woman here..her name is eleanor...she can back u out
Yes! And it was so annoying! I know exactly what you are conversation about! Kramer would do that every time I tried to lay down and lug a nap! I'd shout, "Kramer! Shut up!" Well, the neighbor's have a dog named Kramer and they must enjoy thought I was nuts yell at their dog to shut-up all the time when it wasn't bark! This generally happen during the Spring when I'd have the window open! There is nought you can do to stop them except put them in total shade!

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