Advice for buying canaries?

I'm considering getting a bird. I read that canaries are best for their song.

I know nothing more or less buying birds.

Any advice would be greately appreciated.
Answers: Canaries are know for their singing ability but be aware that it is the male canary who sings, not the feminine. Most pet stores or breeders will have separate cage for the male and feminine birds.

Different types of finches are also known to enjoy beautiful songs but again, it would be the manly bird that sings.

When purchasing any bird be sure to know what a healthy one looks close to by doing some research in any a bird book or the internet and search for "canary health", "pet bird health" or something resembling that.

One thing I do know as far as a visually athletic bird goes is in attendance should be no staining of the feathers around the vent, no poop stuck to the feathers around the vent, and no watery nasal discharge.

A little more research on your cog would be suggested before heading out to buy your first bird and I would not suggest that you rely on evenything or every answer you attain from this forum as some well-intended people are basically not that well-informed.
We have Finches and Canaries during my childhood

I am still pondering getting a Canary myself. But I have 4 cats and 2 dogs and I don't ponder it would benefit the bird at this point.

Care and Feeding
Weekly cage cleaning
Daily river changing
Add food when needed
Needs decent daily food and some treats
Needs the item that help sharpen their beaks
Needs shut within large adequate for the bird to flit around
Along with a mirror (birds are remarkably narcissistic), swing and a few bars at different height

Canaries: the male is the singer, the womanly usually does not sing. Some say that the manly will only sing if he is not near a mate. Other say theirs sing even beside a mate in impossible to tell apart cage. That is up to you. Most inmate small birds live about 3-6 years.

Sicknesses band from kidney disease, heart failure, cataract and more. If your bird is diagnosed with any of the two above (cataracts not a problem) after your bird will not have a long existence.

Note: most canaries will wait to sing the loudest when you are on the phone or watching a really accurate movie. The birds will wait until the most significant line and consequently let it out of coarse making you miss what be said.

At night you put a cover over their enclose and they will go to sleep no singing. They stay slightly until the cover is removed. They do well by a windowpane with indirect sunlight and occasionally they can be put outside within their cage (usually limp from type of hanger you don't want anything getting to it.) for some fresh air as long as the sun is ultimately on them or the heat is too intenstive as powerfully as it is not equally as cold or windy. Do not set out them overnight outside in their cage. Plants near their pen is not only tasteful artistcally but can aid them feel protected.

Canaries sing fantastically but they can get on one's nerves if you are uncommon to it or have a short leniency span. It is an acquired nouns. The don't sing often as surrounded by all afternoon but they sing often surrounded by bursts and then they are rather again.

I am not sure if they do this any more, but birds used to have little band around their legs with a date on them. This used to show the year they be born. These tags are kept on them until sold. I be ignorant to that reality and was told that be the number of the birds sold to their store. In reality it be the birds age making him already 4 years old. I rewarded $100 for the bird and the bird cage and food because he be sick and another bird was picking on him. he have no feathers left on his manager. So even though I had no use for him, I bought him. He give me beautiful songs contained by the morning and sang for me so sweetly. However after more or less 6 months he had a heart attack contained by my hand while I be holding him. So, if you intend to have a bird, read up on the type you will choose.

find his conduct, foods, play toys, how long they live (a must some live to be older than us) and their innate habitat. Try to give it best environment you can. Some birds can seize quite attached to their owners. However the smaller the bird usually the smallest amount of connect you will get. But they can fly around the house if you allow and you hold no pets and they can be quite fun.

One the other foot finches are just birds within a cage they don't formulate any purpose full sounds, they are pretty, but that is really adjectives you will get, simply a bird in a enclose the will chirp now and consequently.

Budgies are great bird pets, parakeets can be entertaining, the will sit on your finger and mimic your sounds but they cannot say any words

Cockateils can tell as well as the larger birds but they are harder to effort for and as I said can live past 50 years.
canaries do hold a pretty voice. I would buy from a breeder as apposed to a pet store..Buying at a pet store (the big chains that is) is promoting the operation of bird/puppy/cat mills. Look in your local thesis, there are closely of people who breed them. Personally i LOVE cockateils, so i'm a short time biased. You should get two, if you do want on canaries though! good luck!
hi anna, you asked a simple put somebody through the mill and dem lot r givingu a story lool, if u wanna get a canary becouse of its voice procure male it sings more any bearing buy anna

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