Are my cockatiels eggs ok?

My cocketiel bred and laid 4 eggs. one she pushed out and busted it. so now she have three. i checked the other eggs and they all own cracks or dints in them im anxious they won't hatch she just laid them resembling 2 weeks ago. im really worried. and she doesn't seem to be lay on them as much and she has a organic spot on her chest from laying on them.
Answers: NTMK, it does NOT bring 2 weeks for tiel eggs to hatch. It takes 18-21 days...and they hatch contained by the order they be laid. ..every other day. If you are going to answer question, either already know, or steal the time to gather information roughly speaking the topics you are answering. I mean, seriously. Not knowing for ones own sake is one item, but giving bad insist on is another entirely.

I would say she's probably knock the eggs around in the couple of weeks since she's laid them. One piece to be sure of doing when they've laid, is to give them plenty of privacy. If you are looking into the box normally, she's jumping stale those eggs and rattling them around. Not individual is she cracking them but if she's jumping stale of them, she's also 'scrambling" the insides. The best thing to do when she is on eggs is depart from her alone. I know it's hard because you are DIEING to see. But when they start to hatch, you'll here them pipping clear across the room. It'll hold 18-21 days. Be patient. But if this clutch doesn't hatch, don't verbs. Give her plenty of good veggies, scrambled eggs and greens.she'll be lay again in no time.
i hear they weakness preetty good for breakfast
It take two weeks for the eggs to hatch, are you sure they aren't pipping?
They are not going to hatch if they all enjoy cracks in them. Is within a male cockatiel nearby that has fertilized them? Thats brand of necessary. If not, they're never going to hatch. I mull over its time you remove them and throw them away. Sorry, but there really isn't anything else you can do at this point. Birds don't "breed" similar to mammals do.
That doesn't sound suitable.

What are you using for support for the eggs? What kind of nesting objects is under them? Anything too strong will only head to breaking or cracking and a very self-conscious set of parents. You should have something soft contained by the nesting box like rag (ok) or a bag corn cob bits (which we use exclusively and works every time).

It's possible the mother/father simply isn't grown enough or doesn't apprehend how to raise eggs. Though usually this comes fluently, there are cases where on earth some birds simply don't know how to be a parent (there are some humans that don't know how to be a parent too, but that's a different story).

You might want to get the mother checked out by a vet if you see her chest going lightly cooked. How is the father doing? Is he taking turns sitting on the eggs - they are supposed to switch off every once contained by a while. If he isn't doing so she may be overworked by sitting on the eggs herself all the time.

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