Anyone out here owned by a GREY ??

He's a sweetheart isn't he?

Im biassed tho with these, I reflect on theyre amazing characters...
Answers: Sounds like your first Grey-:))
Yes, they are wonderful birds to live next to and be entertained by. Smart, funny and fun and great talker's and mind reader's too.

The Congo Grey I hold now be hatched eight years ago on the hours of darkness the Emmy's were on TV. So as you would expect her name is Emmy Girl-:) She know me better than I know me.

Before Emmy I had a Timneh for nearly eighteen years. She said over two hundred words. She become egg bound and died on the vets operating table formerly surgery started.
Valentine's Day, 2001. I still cry. We were so bonded.I miss her greatly.

CONGRATS ! You will love her more and more over abundant, many years. Feed her individual avian healthy foods and offer her lots of attention and talk to her alot. Greys want to be part of their flock;YOU.
its neither big nor clever to hold a bird!!
These birds are so amazing! My Mikki could mock my husband who works at a hardware store, he pretended like he be on the phone with a customer. He would bark at my kids and just similar to me he only counted to 2 (for some aim we never said 3), When the phone rang he would enunciate hello and the scream my son's given name! He is so cool. He is 13 years old very soon. Does a Grey own you?
Not owned by a grey, but am owned by a Cockatoo who's favorite saying is "I want to come out!" Love adjectives parrots.
I am owned by a Timneh, and 7 cockatiels. I have to leave him near my mother while we are stationed in S. Korea. That rotten chicken started conversation the week after we left.

Right in a minute he loves to hang upside down and enunciate "bat bird, bok, bok, bok, bat bird". He also tells my sister to shut up. Every bird is a individuality though.

Even better is he has figure out how to sound lately like the door alarm so he like to spook the tiels.

And for the guy who said it is wrong to cage a bird consequently he isn't up on what a bird owner is. A bird's cage is his bedroom, and i.e. what it is used for in my home. They are allowed free roam during the day. We own one cockatiel who will push open the door to their room and chase ethnic group down until they pick her up. Another one herds everyone within when it is time to go to bed. Like I said they are adjectives characters.
Yep chained and owned.. I love my little Timneh close to the other person said "little chicken" I send for him that all the time and tell me he is a little chicken LOL.. He yell for my son to clean his room and when the phone rings he rings too and consequently again yells outstandingly loudly Brigham phone... He likes to grumble he is adorable and I wouldn't trade him for anything after adjectives he is a good boy he told me so :)
i am owned by an unwanted Grey, ably formerly unwanted. my husband brought him home and i had to finish appendage feeding the little nut. i did not approaching him/want him but had to maintain him for my husbands sake. he just turned 6 months older yesterday and im IN LOVE!!! he is sooooooooooo sweet and funny! he started imitating sounds at around 3 months and he is quite the persona. his only issue is that he have a problem with toes. you pace around barefoot and you will be chased (my kids love it) we taught him that spaceship beside a laser sound from the video and the little ham know he is being funny. he loves kisses and he know what be nice means. i hold other parrots and this guy make sure he gets his share of attention, but you know what my favorite things are? when he does that scratching/skating entry to come out and when he wolf whistles when he see me!! great for the morale.
I have 2, one of which is a rescue. They truly are amazing parrot. I have found something interesting give or take a few African Greys and their Humans: You are either a "Grey Person" or you're not. And if you are, you find yourself drawn to that species over and over again. I hold no issue with other species of Parrots, but my personal nouns is Greys. They have a dignity and a strength of part about them to be precise beyond other birds. I see such intelligence and cognizance in their eyes when they look at us.
They aren't the prettiest birds out within. But they are just so bright that I resembling them so much more than other species of birds.
Loved it thank you
I used to look after a friends when they went on holiday

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