Are U a enthusiast of the 'too?

Now THIS is one clever lil birdie...
See the way he stands vertebrae and lets the Macaw 'pinch the blame' incase the owners get wager on?

Hope U like...

Has anyone else get a cockatoo that does things like this??
Answers: yeah I hold a Goffins cockatoo and you wouldnt think that for his size he would be capable of open the doors but he does I also hold to padlock his doors and food and water doors otherwise he is out and letting out his friends.. And they do chew resembling crazy so if you plan on getting one I would suggest placing his cage anywhere but practical a wall because in no time he will own chewed up the drywall or the trim around doors :) But you have to love em...
Oh to be precise so cute! Smart cockatoo!
omg tht bird is freakin smart!
That is a Triton Cockatoo that opened the round up and a Congo Grey and a Blue & Gold Macaw.

I have two Umbrella Cockatoo's that also can pick locks.
Most cockatoo's are master's at escape. Some chew up the furniture when they are out, one I know distroyed the PC and a camera while the owner be at work. She wasn't laughing.

Strong cages and strong locks are a must enjoy with a cockatoo.
In armour you didn't know- Umbrella TOO's have the IQ of a five year hoary child and the emotions of a two year antiquated child, so consider that before buying one.
Also they can live for 60 years or more.
We own a sulfer crested cockatoo. She would get out if we did not hold a chain and padlock on the door. Even the nut and water dish doors are padlocked. You can other tell if she have been at the locks.. at hand are small marks on them from her chainsaw resembling beak!
Very good thank you

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