1 of my 2 chick[en]s have crooked toes. Is this common?

He is only 2 weeks hoary, and his toes are slightly crooked. They don't curl under at adjectives, but they are not perfectly straight, any.
Is this normal? If not, is in that anyway to help? Thanks!!
Answers: It's not conventional, chicken's toes are usually straight. It may be a genetic defect, a developmental problem or maybe he broke his toe and it healed crooked. However, unless he have other health problems or he have trouble walking/scratching, it's nothing to verbs about.
this is probley common.
This sounds like a birth malfunction. i would take it into a vet and see if you can correct the problem. It will probably raison d`¨ētre problems in the adjectives if not taken meticulousness of.

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