Do moth balls send birds away ar harm them?

I have a garden with a lot of finches in it, the problem is the neighbor's cat. I would like to know if I put moth balls down if it will hurt the birds or send them away.
Moth balls are the ideal way to keep cats out of your garden,I use them with great success if you can get a muslin bag put the moth ball in hang it on a lower branch if you have trees or pin the bag to your fence you can also attach it to a cane as long as you place where the cat has to pass by and the birds can't peck at it..
mothballs are toxic so it would not be advisable, a safer bet would be ground black pepper like you find at the table,or sprinkle hot pepper flaks around the garden. a last resort would be useing amonia, I say last resort because for indoor birds it can be harmful but I am unsure of outside.
could be if the birds could see them but I never have

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