What do you do after your parakeet laid her egg?

Answers: Do you have a nesting box for her? Do you want a infant parakeet? Assuming so, nothing out of the routine. The parakeet will do the work. If the answer is no, throw it out. Good luck!
If your budgie doesn't have a mate, her egg won't be fertile, logically, and you have zilch to worry going on for. Leave it in her pen until she loses interest in it. Do not pinch it away from her! Taking away her egg will make her lay more eggs, and egg lay is always a risky behavior. If she does hold a mate and there's the chance that the egg is fertile, stir ahead and pick it up and shake it well. This will addle it, so that it will not hatch, and you and your budgies won't own to go through the regularly painful and dicey cycle that is budgie breeding. It's really, really not a worthy idea to hatch budgie eggs until you are totally familiar beside budgies and know what you are doing. Once the egg is addled, give it fund to her and let her sit on it till she loses interest.

While your hen is contained by the hormonal, broody mood, make sure she have access to a cuttlebone or mineral block. Remove anything she's made a nest in as soon as she stops sitting on her egg, and manufacture sure she gets plenty of foggy hours at night and no more food than she can guzzle. This should help fall the egg-laying behavior.

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