Asking for toddler copier direction blue front amazon?

I'd like some counsel from experienced parrot "parents" on the subject of behaviour/training. I am hand feed a blue front and have never have one before. Feeding, etc. is fine. I hold horses, and have for years. I other end up near well behave horses and know there are plenty of things I hold learned throughout the years that work powerfully. I'm sure it is the same next to parrots!. What should I know in the order of raising as polite of a copier as possible? What type of negative/positive reinforcement is most appropriate, and when? I am doing my best to socialize him/her already and handle the chick frequently. I know this is a long permanent status commitment and I want to do a good errand. Thanks.
Answers: Provide lots of "play time" as your parrot grows he's going to entail to stimulate not only his body but his mind. Make sure hes socialized around society of all ages and adjectives sexes, (Nobody wants to call in a house where the birds gunna attack)
There are lots of impersonator groups online to provide you with plenty of information on raise a healthy bird. Im only just passing information on I've picked up from my mother... a.k.a the crazy copier lady (sorry mom). :)
To collect myself a load of typing, I suggest that you simply go out and buy the "Guide to a Well Behaved Parrot". It have been a lifesaver and they cover everrryything from training babies to problem ways. You will be so glad you bought it.
I used to have conure parrot. If it starts it scream at you and not stop, never screech back at them. It make them think its a activity and they will just cram to scream over you. This can drive you insane! Hence, I used to enjoy them.
i think u should spend alot of time beside the parrot and train it, if u make out very non alive activity surrounded by the parrot send for an animal hospitol
Lots of sites on line, also Birdtalk magazine have great articles,just a put somebody through the mill but why would you buy a bird without a great deal of research beforehand. Parrots live a long time don't give up, amazingly important to socialize your bird so it isn't a one personage bird. You didn't mention how old your bird is, carrot work well for rewards, if hoary enough. Hang within there and fitting luck !!

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