Wher can i buy bird pellet for a parakeet? i havent see this ~~~~~.?

produict sold in my local petco or pet smart stores. and whats the given name of this product (what company puts it out)?
Answers: Most of the pellets you can obtain at chain petstores, especially brands resembling Zupreem, are full of sugar, artificial color, and added synthetic vitamins. They are better for your bird than a seed diet, but they are absolutely not the healthiest brands. Look for brands like Roudybush and Harrisons for really big quality pellet foods. Talk to your avian vet in the region of where to buy them (I in truth buy my Harrison's at the vet's office) or you can buy online.
They are carried at both petsmart and petco.
See Below.
The best pellets are made by Zupreem or Hagen.
It doesn't situation if you get the fruit blend or the plain brown... both bestow superior nutrition!
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Seeds are difficient in almost every nouns of bird nutrition. And don't buy that advertising crap of "Vitamin Fortified" seed. Yes they have have vitamin powder sprinkled on them but that is on the hulls... you know the sector that ISN'T eaten. Please don't hold my word for it. Please call you vet for substantiation.
Edit: Converting seed junkies onto pellet is not easy but it can be done. First... mixing does not work.. they are lately going to dig throught o draw from to the junky seeds and never munch through the pellets. the best method that I hold found is to put the pellets contained by the normal nurture cups. Put the seed surrounded by unfamiliar (differently colored and shaped than what they are used to) within the bottom of the cage contained by an inconvinient place where it is a anguish in thier tail feathers to own to go down and return with it. Pellet conversion can take up to a month of steady easier said than done headed determination on your sector... but nothing could be more worth it.
The second best opportunity is to try Nutri-Berries. They are little seed ball but the "glue" that hold them together are fortified with the missing vitamins and minerals that are essential to long and fine life. Many times the smaller birds will budge for this when you just dont own the drive to get them on the pellet.
Here is however another link: this one for the nutri-berries:
One root you might not be seeing it for sale is because most birds won't touch them. IMO a better food would be seed with a pellet mixed surrounded by.

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