Are acorns pious for Macaws? and what roughly pine nuts?

I have a ton of oak acorns and I be wondering if they are good for parrot to eat?
Answers: pine are flawless but dont give a acorn
Pine nuts are in actuality included in most devout seed mixes. Acorns, I'm not sure something like.
Pine nuts are fine. Don't give your Macaw acorns though.
Yes, they are great foraging treats; fashion sure if you wet them initially that you dry them categorically completley becaues they mold easily. I recommend keeping them dry; I;ve tried freezing them onmany occasion and often they mold upon thaw. Siince good grades are not cheap, i.e. a terrible surplus. They come in easier said than done (smaller and darker surrounded by general) and soft (lighter brown and larger) types; my birds prefer teh soft shelled ones. Fosters and Smith have soem of teh best trait ones around. I;ve purchsed from online farms and they enjoy molded onboth occassions. Cher (BIRDWISE)

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