At what age is okay to clip my babie cockatiels wing?

They are 31 days old
Answers: That is still a bit youthful. Unless they have shown you that they can fly apposite I would wait a few more weeks. The birds should swot first how to fly before you doing any wing clippings because this is how they swot to get match. I learned log time ago that I have to teach our newborn birds how to fly, once they were competent to keep their be a foil for then I would clipped roughly speaking 7 flight feathers and all they could do is flutter down to the sofa. If you cart too much off they will purely drop to the floor and you dont want that because they can get injured.
If you are going to clip them yourself don't forget to check for any blood feathers since you clip, and do not cut any of the secondary feathers. Here is a association about blood feathers and the proper style to clip the flight feathers.

Blood feathers-

Feather clipping

If you are not comfortable with clipping or removing a blood plume ask your avian vet or a local bird breeder to show you how.

Certified Avian Specialist
The answer is DON'T. Clipping wing feathers I know has be going on for years, but it can cause more problems. Your bird could hurt itself when it tries to fly and after plunges to the floor or into furniture. Also clipping wings lulls the owner into a false sense of shelter, thinking the bird cannot fly off, but although wing are clipped some birds will still manage to fly a bit and if they bring outside the wind can abet lift them up into the atmosphere. If you are thinking about clipping 'to oblige tame' your bird, you can tame them short clipping, it just take a little time and mercy.

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