A scatching Lovebird...?

I have a lovebird that scatches between his peach colored feathers and his green feathers close to I guess where on earth his ears would be.You can see his skin, but there is no bleeding His mate looks of late fine. I was told to sprinkle 5% sevin dust surrounded by their cage and that would help out. Do they get mites or fleas? Will sevin dust hurt them? Does anyone know what the problem might be?
Answers: Forget the sevin dust unless you want to massacre your birds. They make something you can suspend on the cage for mites. Have you see any feather plucking going on? If the bird is scratch alot, i would assume he has mites. Go to the pet store and acquire something safe to treat it. Good luck
It could be mites. Go to pet store and draw from something else. Breathing that dust is not good.

Next it could purely be molting. They molt once a year If I remember right.

It also could just be bored. Give them some toys..

Peace & God bless from Texas <><
A)1) Yes birds of any compassionate can get fleas, I've never hear of them getting mites though.
A)2) Sevin Dust is not an approved solution but if a doctor reccomends it Sevin Dust normally never hurts a bird.
A)3)Fleas or Heat.
It's possible for birds to obtain fleas or mites. Try a different solution for your bird, other then seven dust. It's not exactly angelic for your bird.

Although, your bird may not have mights. Your bird can be molting, which they do 1 time a year. (when they shed feathers and own new ones grow in)

Your bird might also be bored! Spend more time near it and get it some exotic toys.

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