Im Thinking Of Getting A Budgie And Need Info ...?

How Do I Look After Them And Are There Any Things I Need To Know..?? thankyou
Answers: Budgies are great!! But I recommend research!! And lots of it. If you still want a budgie or two by the time your done, then great. They are messy, I vacume at lowest once a day. Noise is an issue, especially if you enjoy more than one. I have 10 so sometimes it's insane!!. Unfortunatly Amram's direction is completely untrue. Budgies eat much more than millet, and oh my Lord the deffenatly drink marine WAY MORE than once a week!! They need fresh!!, verbs water every morning. I actually use bottled dampen....I know they're spoilt. But really you never know what's in the hose. I don't even drink tap river!! At the very lowest possible as long as it's filtered. It's best if you hold a good life bird seed to start beside. Fruits and veggies are also a must. I sprout seeds and do adjectives sorts of fancy slave like things for my birds. I've be completely owned....LOL
This is an excelent group to help you near all your budgie nutrition requests. If your serious about a bird, afterwards join the group read the files, and tap somebody`s phone for a bit. The information you'll learn nearby will be invaluble.
And lastly....

All all these sites to your favorites, the info and sustain you can find on them can help you agree on if you want a budgie, and will help you swot how to take fastidiousness of it. I just love my budgies they be my first birds....and I adore them
You basically only just feed them, correction their cage and play beside them. BUT they are messy, messy birds.

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