I just bought a parakeet; does it need bedding?

I have hamster bedding, and I was wondering if I should spread it on the bottom of the parakeet cage. Is this neccesary, or will the parakeet dislike it?
Parakeets do not bed on the bottom of the cage, a hanging nest may work,it depends on your keet. Your bird will need your attention at least one hour a day. I just lost my bird after 6 years. I kept a radio near the cage and kept her out of direct sunlight. you can take you parakeet for rides in your car. Make sure the birds wings are clipped and keep you windows closed, your bird will enjoy the ride on your shoulder.
Enjoy your bird, they are great for companions. You can teach them how to talk. that you need you start doing now.
No, no bedding. Nice ofyou to think of that though. I would worry he would chow down on the hampster bedding so maybe leave it out for now. also the dust from it might bother his lungs but he would not dislike it as such. Get him some millet as a treat
My grandma has 2 birds and she just puts newspaper on the bottom then crumples it up and replaces it. But when I go to the pet store the parakeets have wood shavings for beddings. You can always call your local pet store and ask them.
I wouldn't put hamster bedding in it. Newspaper would probably work better, that's what's in the bottom of mine's cage.
BIrds don't need bedding on the bottom of their cages.
there is paper that goes on the bottom of a parakeet cage that has grit on it.
they need grit to digest their food. you should also have a small seed dish with grit in it for them.
another thing you should have is a cuttle bone, it is used by birds to reduce the size of their beaks.
have your parents buy you a book on parakeets. that will answer all your questions, or check one out at the library.
It's usually best to get special sand paper from the pet store, you may need to cut it to fit the bottom of the cage.
You could also cut newspaper or paper grocery bags to fit the bottom of your cage.
It is totally unnecessary. Unless it is still very young, it will sleep on a perch. And even if it is young, it will soon start sleeping on the perch.
However, the bird might enjoy playing with it. I recently started using pine needles at the bottom of my birds' cage, and they love it! They go down to the floor of the cage and play with the pine needles. Also, the bird poop tends to break up and filter down into the pine needles, and so the cage looks cleaner.
What you need is:
Pre cut bird cage paper. . . .a sort of "sand paper".
Perch "sand paper" roll that goes over the perch. Helps
keep nails trimmed.
Parakeet cuttlebone to help maintain the beak.
Parakeet toys to entertain it'self.
Parakeet mirror so the parakeet can look at it'self and what
the parakeet is another bird.
Feed/water attachments.

One thing you will really enjoy and the bird will too and that is a cage cover.
This will cover the cage at night and keep the bird from catching a draft. . . .kinda like tucking it in for the night. This will also help when the bird is chirpier than you are in the mood for. . . it will help quiet the bird.
best on the bottom of the cage is just a neatly trimmed piece of old newspaper. That lines the slide out tray that many cages have and allows you to quickly clean out the seed husks and bird poop.

some birds can learn to lay down and pull a little blanket over themselves but they normally sleep on the perch.
Good ole newspaper will do just fine.

Please see this site to learn how to care for your bird.

Do not use bedding or sand paper with budgies (parakeets). Bedding will grow mold quickly that can cause a respitory infection and possibly death. Sand paper, if ingested, like grit, will cause crop impactation and death.
A bedding is not nessary for a parakeet. I just put a couple of plain white paper on the bottom. Very simple.

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