A chicken problem?

ok my aunt brought a fresh chicken at the farm, but they exterminate it for you.when she got home the chicken be a hen, it was primed to give birth to three eggs surrounded by there shells. is it impossible to amass the three eggs or you need to hang around to give it birth.it be ready, within was within the birth cannal.
is it impossible??
Answers: Chickens dont give birth. They lay eggs and they afterwards incubate them for 21 days till they hatch.
Was the hen around a rooster? If not, its quite possible that the eggs aren't even fertilized. My guess is that the eggs aren't fully developed but, so the answer is "no."
If the hen was around roosters it's possible that the eggs are furtile. The ending egg in the oviduct probably have enough shell to it to try and hatch it. You can preserve the egg at room temps for a few days until you find or buy an incubator. Follow the instructions that come with the incubator.
Best of luck.

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