2 Mating Cockatiels?

I have a mannish and a female cockatiel. Male is 2.5 years outmoded and female is 1.5 years antediluvian (approx).
They started mating just about 4 months ago, and they mate on average once a week now.
So far I don't see any signs of pregnancy from the feminine. How long will it take in the past a cockatiel gets pregnant and lays eggs?
In overnight case she lays eggs, how long will it take up to that time they hatch?
Also, do I really need a breeding box for them?

Thank you munificently.
Answers: You absolutely stipulation a breeding box for them. If you don't have one, this explains why no eggs own appeared yet.

If you do bring a nest box and your pair produce childish, make sure to pedal them regularly after they are about two weeks outdated to prevent them from being passionate as you will want to either get rid of them or give them away! (Make sure your hand are very verbs before handling them!)

It take about 24 days for the eggs to hatch. Cockatiels largely lay anywhere from 3-5 eggs, laying one egg every two days. Because they sit on the eggs from the extremely start, the chicks will hatch every other day as in good health with the ending to hatch being considerably smaller than the first!

You can also trade the babies at about 2-3 weeks ancient to people who handfeed them if you can locate a buyer buy contacting pet stores surrounded by your area.
sometimes birds will breed and never produce eggs
You do have need of a breeding box for them as eggs laid in the bottom of a hold are usually ignored after a couple of days. This is not generally the time for breeding season as there is smaller number sunlight, so you will just hold to wait and see what happen. My male and womanly often mate, but seldom lay eggs within the fall.

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