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I know they eat fruits, vegetables, and nuts, but what are some extra treats for them, mine like garlic and chili peppers, but I don't know if specifically good for him.?
Answers: You enjoy heard from others what not to nurture.
So here is one of the absolute favorite treats!
You can present warm( not hot ) pasta such as spaghetti( YES, with impossible to tell apart sauce you eat!) , macaroni and cheese, or even pasta and vegetable soup!! My birds love it. It is considered to be "comfort food" and have been set to calm down the most stressed of Parrots! That's because it reminds them of those soft, reheat, delicious meal that were regurgitated to them by *Mommy!* MMMmmm!! Yummie!

So impart soft warm foods. Try others too. Cooked Rice, mash potatoes , casseroles are all appropriate. And yes, they can have meat, although try to hold the fat low.

Good Luck!
What Not to Feed
Chocolate, avocado and rhubarb should not be feed. Of course, do not give any beverages containing caffeine or alcohol. Avoid processed meat or other foods high surrounded by nitrates, nitrites, sulfites, or monosodium glutamate (MSG). Onions, sprouted lima, fava and navy beans, fruit pits and apple seed should also be avoided.
Stay away from junk foods and any foods illustrious in podginess, salt, or sugar. Birds are also lactose intolerant so milk products should be controlled to small amounts of hard cheese and yogurt.

Some experts and owners are concerned roughly speaking feeding peanuts within the shell, because they can be contaminated with Aspergillus fungus, which can lead to respiratory illness as in good health as producing a toxin (aflatoxin, a potent carcinogen). If you feed untreated peanuts, get biddable quality human echelon peanuts and do not feed if within is any sign of mold. Shelled, blanched (unsalted, of course) peanut are fine. All food should be inspected and discarded if there is any signs of mold.
Of course, here are foods no bird (or other pet) should have. However, to best answer this examine, the species of parrot would have need of to be revealed. For instance, some birds cannot handle foods contained by high iron (like some greens and raisins), some birds love spicy food, some just eat fruits.

I would do some filling reading at sites that cover breed-specific information.
There are only two things I know of that they beyond doubt should never have: chocolate and avacados. Both are poisonous to birds. But garlic and chilis are both fine - my birds love chili pepper, too! And they also love peanuts (the raw unsalted kind). And it's fun to scrutinize them crack them open and get through them.
I don't know whether or not garlic is good for birds, but pepper are fine, so long as it doesn't begin to do the bird any stomach upset. (If it does the bird will probably have diarrhea.) Some human foods birds usually approaching are pasta, and plain is best, but whole wheat pasta would probably be even better. There are some pasta mixes made especially for birds that are sold at places similar to Petco and Petsmart.

Popcorn is another thing that birds can own as an occaissional treat, but not buttered popcorn from a bag. Air-popped popcorn is best, minus salt. If you really want to form some special treats for your bird, I would suggest getting a cookbook of recipes designed especially for birds. There are also lots of recipe online for bird seed muffins and whatnot. But birdseed muffins probably should not be feed extremely often, because they may contain things that could make happen your bird to become overweight if eaten too much.
birds are similar to people some approaching different foods and others only want their pip. Try some sunflower seeds contained by the shell for a special treat for birdie.
thaw some mixed frozen veggies and put them within its cup for up to 2 hours and they might like those too but don't agree to them sit too long.
First question is what giving of parrot. Different kind have different requirements. Try these websites.
They LOVE warm food! noodles, chicken.. (sounds cannibalistic but what to do?) small amounts of cheese pizza, rice, thaw 7 grain bread, salad greens, almost anything that you put away with the exceptions of: ONIONS, AVOCADO, CAFFEINE, CHOCOLATE (it have a poisonous chemical in it that's toxic to birds even within tiny amounts) NICOTINE, and various plants and things.

I commend you for taking on a copycat that was will to you!!
I will have to will my babies to some hopefully benevolent people.
Many birds are anyone euthanized because people aren't competent to continue their strictness and are difficult to place. Plus there is an over population problem on the horizon. Humane centers are seeing this trend and it's heartbreaking.
So, angelic for you and congrats on a new 'best friend!'.
Chili pepper are great for birds and rich contained by vitamin C. They have a nibble your birds love.

Here also this foods will be good as a prevalent diet. If you own a large species of impressionist then wipe out seeds completely from the diet.

These foods you can cook and they are much more nutritous than nut and pellets. They contain fruits,veggies,pasta,beans(for protein),and other tasteful ingridients. Beak Appetit also have a product called Le Grass Cafe which is their natural wheat grass which is packed beside vitamins,minerals,and amino acids,this can be used as a natural supplement to replace messy gooey and powdered multivitamin which can be harmful if you overdose.

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John P. Has some dutiful info. Yes I agree, birds should be fed soft foods as the crucial diet. There is nothing a bird like more than a hot soft meal! Pellets no concern how colorful or attractive they look,are not apealling to a bird and it's not a very fluent diet. Wanna fill are your birds nutritional gap?..trust in NATURE

And if your drinking dinner and your bird is just dying for a morsel than read this article and see if it is okay to give.
that's great. it repeats continuously . How many fathom out him?

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