Anyone own a raven?

where do i obtain one?
Answers: Are you in the States? Here contained by the US, in most states you must be a licensed wildlife rehabilitator surrounded by order to lift wildlife into your home. However, some states don't require a permit or license for some wildlife. In NJ you can hold a common sparrow or a adjectives starling and it's legal. All other original species protected.

If you are in the US you could try calling some of the midwestern and southwestern states where on earth ravens are more prevalent and ask what their policies are about keeping one. As for exporting from state to state or from US to another country, I reflect you're going to hit a wall there.

Ravens are extraordinarily cool and I own often wondered what benevolent of companion a hand-raised one would make.
Go to Belfast. There is a place call Ravenhill. You can buy one from there.
i'm from belfast , raven's are protected
capture a gun that fires nets, and jump out raven hunting,
In the US you cannot legally own a original raven, they are protected by law. You can legitimately own "exotic" species from different parts of the world. See below for more info:
The Raven is the largest of our Crow family(Corvus corax)U.K.they are found all over Europe. They are also the Guardians ot the Tower of London,as to owning one That would be a no no,you can individual own a Raven in Bird Gardens Wildlife Parks or could possibley try D.E.F.R.A. for a licence if you are that wholehearted.
there not the easeist of corvid to acquire or to look after if i were you psyche go for a carrion crow or jackdaw they spawn great pets i had a crow for years he even widely read to talk for a moment.
dont think u r allowed. check first formerly you do anything. otherwise you could be in a in one piece heap of trouble
you can buy jailbird bred ravens, serch for raven breeder uk in google. wether the breeder would put on the market you one is a different matter, you will necessitate to hand backside it yourself and know how to do it properly. you will also need plenty of space for an aviary so the bird can fly round inside glibly.
I don't own one but would love too.
You cant own a raven but a raven can own you.they are protected.

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