Advice on looking after a budgie please?

I bought a budgie home from with me tonight. She have flown into the store and a customer had caught her. The RSPCA will collect her on Monday, but meanwhile she is staying next to me. She is in a substantial hamster cage (no hamster!), and she have water and bird kernel.
I'm pretty sure it's a girl, but other than that i know zilch! Will she be okay till Monday with the makeshift home i've given her?
She seems to enjoy been very well handled as she's rather tame. Is within a way to tel how elderly she is?
Any help gratefully received.
Oh and i've put some soft hay into the hamster house.
Answers: Hi Maggs,

Nice of you to bring care of the escapee bird!

She will necessitate budgie seed. Wild bird core usually has profoundly of corn and coarse grain whereas budgies necessitate the finer grains such as different kinds of millet.
You should be capable of get budgie nut from your local corner shop.
If you can't get the budgie nut, still give her the uninhibited bird seed (she will pick out what she wants) but supplement it next to foods found in your larder such as couscous, cracked wheat, ground nuts and/or seed and oats, just to get sure she gets adequate food that she can eat.

Some birds also approaching vegetables. You could offer her a lettuce palm leaf; wash it economically then peg it to the hamster hold so she can peck at it.

Most birds love bathing. Provide her with a shallow dish (e.g. a hulking plastic jar top) of water. It must be general but not deep so she can step into it and flutter her wing without trouble of drowning.

What have you put down for bedding?
Normally you put down bird sand. This have a two-fold function. It provides a base and also it provides some essential grit for the budgie to drink to aid her digesion. If you can't get any bird sand over the weekend, use some sandy soil from the garden (not compost).

She will have need of something to sit on. Get some twigs, cut them to size and slot them at the ends so you can wedge them into the enclose wire. You may entail to use some bluetack around the twigs' ends to stop them from sliding around.

Put the cage within a warm, draught-free nouns. Place a cloth over part of the round up so the bird has a space of privacy that she can retire into.

Best wishes
Make sure you donate her a perch, so she can go to sleep on it, except that, she should be fine.
I am not the right person to answer this one really. I once put my budgie outside (in the hold of course) to let it own some fresh air. When I go out to bring it back inside it have knocked the kernel dish off and have escaped.
I am much better at looking after cats!!
she will be fine, I do not think she wants the hay newspaper would be OK stopgap, Apart from baby markings (under 4 months) I do not cogitate you can tell their age
Sounds similar to it, but I would take the hay out and yes, put broadsheet on the bottom of the cage. Watch to see, and if she is intake and drinking, that is a polite sign. Give her a cover for night time and keep hold of the cage out of drafts. If she is a pet, conceivably there is an flier in the quality newspaper for a lost bird. The newspaper answer above almost the age bands is right too - if in that are lined results across her forehead that go down to or practical her cere and beak, she is a youngster (when budgies lose this mark, or it goes rear legs to about their eyes, they are more mature). That might not work for some colours though. Another sign of a physical youngster is brown brown on the beak, not just restrained brown. Good luck.

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