A Parrots Bill Of Rights..?

What is the consensus of those who own pet parrots?

by Stewart A. Metz, M.D.

1. GET TO KNOW ABOUT PARROTS BEFORE YOU BRING ME HOME--I am not a domesticated pet resembling a dog or cat. I still have the spirit of the jungle contained by me. I have special requirements which you may find it hard to riddle. Please don't learn these too unsettled for my well-being. And please don't acquire on of my cousins wild from the jungle--it will jeopardize his survival and well-being, and that won't be a delegation for you either!

2. GIVE ME THE LARGEST HOME POSSIBLE--I am use to flying through rainforests or savannas. I enjoy given up this great gift for your pleasure. At the awfully least, provide me enough room to flap my wing and exercise. And I need toys for my amusement and wood to chew-otherwise, I might verbs your Home with the forest and its trees.

3. GIVE ME A NUTRITIOUS DIET--I have need of a wide group of fresh and nutritious foods...
Answers: amen.

I hate it when population buy parrots (or any pet) and afterwards decide to carry rid of it for stupid reasons resembling 'i'm moving.' So don't move. Or bring your pet along. You wouldn't leave your child, so why would you be off your best friend?
Sounds good to me. Very all right put.

Needs to be put in will so copier gets fitting home if owner should die before impersonator. Know they live for many years.
I agree next to you.
I hate citizens who buy pets then ignore them because they can't look after them.

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