African Greys --please tender me suggestion !?

I am seriously thinking about getting an African Grey, a Congo one next to the red tail feathers. I have search the net and read a great deal but need owners guidance. Am I making the right decision considering that:
(1) I enjoy a wife and two kids, 19 and 10. We are a very poised family principal a calm vivacity and are all excited roughly speaking an African Grey. My 10 year old boy is a unflustered child. Our evenings tend to be around the TV or at our 4 PCs.
(2) We live in a moderately large apartment and the copier would be literally one of the family beside lots of space and lots of attention too.
(3) Please tell me what you guess of this site on African Greys
(4) They are 5 hours away by car. Could the 12-week bird run this long journey !?
(5) Would we stipulation to put some net on every glass so the bird does not escape ?
(6) are they prone to any illness.
(7) Are they confident to keep or troublesome ?
I love parrot in out of the ordinary A Greys. Thanks
Answers: It sounds like you hold done your homework, and are at least a bit aware of what you are getting into.
Greys are wonderful birds. Yes, they can be a bit ear-splitting, a bit messy, a bit demanding and a bit expensive. But you have kids, so you should be used to adjectives of this!! :-)

I think that the biggest bit of guidance might be to make sure that the bird spends time beside all of your family circle, so that he does not bond to just one contestant. If he starts to show a preference for one applicant, then permit that member help yourself to a back form for a few days while the bird associates with the other member.
A bird that bonds to just one applicant of a family can draw from aggressive toward the other members because the bird think that just he and the preferred bough are a PAIR. You need to educate him that he and all of the member of your family are a FLOCK! That track he will feel friendly to adjectives of you , instead of just one.

If you would similar to, I can point you to a Yahoo group of Parrot owners who are very polite. The group also has a full-size library of files that might help you. Just E-mail me if you would similar to to be steered to this group.

Good Luck.
on what im me
i have an african grey a thunderous little boy!! they are exellent talkers and if its a newborn when you get it afterwards you should be able to grasp it to talk a bit well.mine can collaborate exellently dont let them sit on your shoulder they bring horemones and if you show afection while its on your shoulder they become jelous and rather aggressive.he isnt really aggressive but he can be if you bother them to much.if a newborn when u first get it pedal a much as possible get it used to you.

congratulations they are stunning birds!!
Yes, African greys are elegant birds. Remember a few important factor, though.
1) All birds can be very messy. You'll involve to have at lowest one person commited to keeping their nouns clean!
2) Yes, birds can be loud and shrill. Don't put it in a room, because they're credible to wake you up massively early. Put a blanket over the pen until you wake up- that should hold on to it quiet.
3) I don't focus that they're prone to illness any more than a rabbit or cat. A long saloon trip would be very stressful, however. You might want to check near a vet concerning this.
4) Birds in standard tend to live for a very long time. It's a big commitment, buying a bird. Be sure that you'll be prepared to keep it for a completely long time.
Keep those things in mind, ask a professional on anything you aren't sure of, and I ruminate that you'll be fine. You're obviously serious give or take a few getting this bird. Good luck! :)
I only ever kept Amazon parrot which were great. The red winged Amazon is probably your best/least expensive purchase of the Amazons. However you be asking about African Greys. These birds pass off an awful lot of dust which can supply one a bad chest. Also-any copycat regards one entity basically as its friend/mate. There are parrot which get on in good health with adjectives members of the clan so this will be your goal-to find that amenable/sociable bird. I would advise not to buy from a pet shop but a reputable breeder as consequently you will know what diet they have have and its age. Parrots cannot be aged after a certain extent of time-so you could end up buying an elderly bird.African Greys are highly intelligent and so call for a lot of attention otherwise they will gain bored and pluck their feathers out. I used to leave my TV on when I go out-they need lots of stimulation.
I would recommend visiting a mimic show one of which occurs at The NEC surrounded by Birmingham. Also at Stafford.You will find details of shows and dealers surrounded by The Parrot Society magazine-information and application form online. They do make wonderful pets and the bird would be ok to travel for 5 hours if you cover his/her round up with a cloth to minimise stress. Try and find details of what your birds diet have been-an all nut diet can be fatal giving them fatty livers. Good luck.
An key consideration when thinking about taking on a bird of any class, is that they can live for many years, and rather often outlive their owners. A bird requirements as much attention as a young child, minus attention and affection they will become bored and develop anti social behaviour. I would push for that you read up as much as possible and talk to bird keeper before finalising your conclusion.
Hi, my african grey got out in the order of 3 weeks ago and it feels as if I own lost a limb. She be such a huge part of our lives and such a part. You simply cannot compare a parrot to any other pet. They win jealous, jolly, shy, moody, angry, playfull and sometimes they are just little babies. I would distribute anything to get our babe back home undamagingly.
Parrots are as much a responsibility as dogs, and more sensitive. You do appear to have done your home work so I cogitate that you would make perfect owners. Bear in mind that it might bond to one people member surrounded by particular. I own 2 parrots and the window remain shut at all times when they are out of their cage. There are also a lot of danger in the home that you must be aware of. Certain pot plants. fumes from cooking using non stick pan. open gold ingots fish bowls. the list is expire less. 5 hours is a severely long time in a vehicle for a baby.(one of my parrot gets vehicle sick after 20Min's) You will need to nurture plenty of fresh fruit an veg.(organic) and you will need to desire weather or not you want him flighted . But i think you should shift for it, everything considered.

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