Are these definite birds?

this site claims all of these peahen/peacock mutations are tangible if so this is really cool!
Answers: Yes, they are real. They're gorgeous aren't they. :)
Yes they are material... LOL
Yeah, they're pretty.
they are real, we cart our kids to an animal farm within Maine and they have a pure white one within
Yes that would be genetically correct in what they enunciate and the pictures are correct.

I find it amazing and have see some of these mutations myself.
They're definitely legitimate, we've seen them at different bird swaps/sales. The purple are different, but the productive blue or the green Javan ones are much prettier. Alot of the mutations, while they may be different, aren't adjectives they're cracked up to be...but to each his own, something for everyone! My boyfriend have some blue pied with silver within them that are just striking, and also has some Javan's that are really pretty. The cameo's are different,sensitive of pretty, but in our inference, kind of "blah", as alot of mutations--like I meditate there's one called "midnight" that doesn't compare to the conventional India blue. He actually bought a double act of purple pieds and ended up selling them for some point, they were pretty.
If you hold noticed, it seem alot of people are breeding color OUT of caged birds also, close to the lovebirds and gouldians, and making them look "washed out".OK, they're different, but why?, the original are beautiful as is. As I said, to respectively his own.
Yes, most likely...
yes they are unadulterated. They are also really pretty birds :)
Yes, they are real birds that get the purple factor.
yeah, it's just different variation of peafoul. this happens closely in the animal dominion. it's just resembling different breeds of cat or colour variations of labrador.

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