A couple parakeet question?

I have an albino parakeet that I get a few months ago. I havent held him every day but, almost every afternoon, and he still isnt tame. Im begining to grasp discouraged. How long does this take??

Also, he be SUPER tiny when I bought him, and a few people mistook him for a canary because he be so small. He's still tiny, and now his cere is starting to renovation color. I've always freshly assumed I had a boy, but his cere is really hurricane lantern pink on top, and kind of a purple on the bottom.

is that because he's albino, or is it possible that my little boy is a bit girl? (Arent girls smaller than boys?)

Final question- sometimes when I've had him out for a while, he starts doing this entry with his beak. it looks approaching he's talking but no rumble comes out. He does it for a while, when he appears to be content (not happy) while I'm holding him. what does that mean?
Answers: Taming can also be a bit more difficult near albino or lutino mutations. The lack of melanin surrounded by their eyes really affects their eyesight (as it does in humans next to albinism). Normally, birds rely on their eyesight exclusively to avoid danger, so these birds can be a bit skittish.
You hold to move slowly and show even more patience next to these mutations but if he allows you to hold him you must be on the right track. Keep working with him and remain aware of his somewhat set eyesight when you feel discouraged.
no youre albino is a masculine males ceres are blue , hes still scared and it might transport a while for him to trust you , trust comes hard for birds if you love him be merciful he will come around ,,
try useing food or tip-bits to coax him keep at it, you will get hold of there
From what you own explained, it seems that you own a female and not a mannish. Females do have a purple or blue cere beside whitish just around the nostril opening. If you have a mirror, bobbing bird or a sunny hut in her coop it will eventually turn the cere brown and crusty as she goes into an egg lay mode. This is the time when you have to be concrete careful. This is why i don't suggest you use those products contained by any bird cage. It will also be paid taming your keet harder to do. They bond with these things and won't bond beside you. For this reason alone, you should remove them. You also want to hold on to her from laying any eggs. Why? Because egg lay depeletes her body of calcium and not all females do lay eggs. Once she get into an egg laying mode, some are rock-hard to stop and they die. Best to stop this before they start.

As for your final quiz: She may be trying to talk, you lately are not listening close ample to what is being said. Parakeets do not pronouce words as clearly as other birds. They do very well with words close to "pretty bird" "hello" "aahh choo" "bless you" and things of the like. They use their muscles to parley, not vocal chords close to we have. All birds enjoy the same structure for discussion ability, so not one bird have the capibility over another. It's how much time you are taking to teach your bird to bargain.

As for the size, that depends on the genetics of your bird. Poor inheritance are playing a good role contained by the size these days. The smaller the bird, the worst the inheritance. Breeders are no longer breeding for quality but for qauntity in a minute. Which is really sad, but greed took over the power, and comprised the immune systems of the birds. My counsel to you is try and keep your bird out of a drafty situation.

Good Luck!
some times it tackies months to bond near your parakeet,

sum parakeets are just little and
its to soon to tel manly from female,

hes purely yawning and he mite be she be cu'z hes not talking
and he should win youst to you,
He was small because he be still a chick, he was probably sold to babyish, keets can only confer on the clutch at about 6-10 weeks old-fashioned. His cere is changing color, because adjectives young keets cere's transfer color as they reach prime of life. Girl and boy keets are the same size, (ceres: blue for a manly, pink/purple for a female.) She make that noise because she is calling a mannish to her, she is looking for a mate. Also it could mean that she desires to trim down her beak, get a "cuttle bone" at petsmart this help keets to keep their beak trimmed down. It takes months of practice to bring keets to get used to your foot, you must finger train your keet. To do this place your hand surrounded by the cage everyday for 15-20 minutes and permit the keet know your scent. Than go up the keets stomach push a moment or two with your pointer finger and utter "up, up, up." Wait for her to step up onto your finger than praise a lot. Repeat until she learn to step up onto your finger. Keets need 2-4 hours of flying time outside the pen everyday, at first she will fly into walls, and maybe the window, but she will be okay, it takes keets time to Know the "navagational route" of your home. Feed millet sticks and romaine lettuce, keets love that.

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