I stipulation info going on for goffin cockatoos?

what should i know before i gain one? and is $900.00 to much for one? because i am getting one and i am paying 900 for the bird and the cage and is here any web sites roughly speaking them?
Answers: You should go on goggle and spend at tiniest a week doing research.


There's a good site.
Look for more though. One site isn't ample.

Why would you ask for advice on Yahoo?
Go on a cockatoo discussion forum, similar to
and ask for advice nearby.
Guess what? I have 2 of the most funniest tot goffins! Sammy is 1yr and Gabby is about 6mo`s. I don`t know where on earth you live,I live in tampa fl and I payed 1200.00 respectively. so yes it is a great price!you can go to cockatoo.com. how prehistoric is the goffin? is it healthy? you should hold an avien vet! I have also a maluccan cocktoo, african grey,and a haliquin macaw so they hold me very busy! they are chewers, escape artists, and can be exceptionally noisy. Also find out if its a biter,try and spend time near the goffin before tou purchases it. cfeatherexotic@YAH00.com
hey jillian what r u up 2? bid me some time and how is your acting thing going? and a short time ago get the goffin cockatoo lol
ok do you hold an experiance with a too.they can be loud and if permit out unattened they can chew things.they are great .birds. I have one for Dutch auction for $500 foe goffin and bird .where do you live?

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