How weak do chickens enjoy to be until that time they start lay eggs?

I bought four day antiquated pullets at the end of May, two Buff Orpingtons and two New Hampshire Reds. They enjoy not laid any eggs yet. Guineas that I get as keets on the same time started laying lay eggs three weeks ago. They have be on natural night light since they left the brooder box. How much frothy should they have (time and brightness) and should I increase the restrained gradually or adjectives at once?
Answers: I have some Buff Orpingtons hatch the middle of May and they haven't started laying however but I expect some eggs soon. I usually don't give my birds any extra standard lamp and depend on my spring babies for winter eggs. I have particular birds to not lay until the natural hurricane lantern starts lengthening, but that's ok we me as the older birds will usually preserve laying ample until Jan.
it depends on the type of chicken

what breed of chicken is it??
About 6 months.

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