Is it true that I can bequeath my Parakeets apple slices?

Answers: Apples are great to give to your bird, however, since the seed are poisonous be sure to completely remove the core. Since you have a parakeet, a virtuous idea would be to chop the slices into smaller squares so that your bird can hold them surrounded by its foot.

The skin is full of vitamins, but be wary of store bought apples since some of them can come from orchards that be sprayed with pesticides. Organic apples are a honourable way to walk.

I would suggest trying a variety of fruits, approaching banana and grapes cut in partially.

Here is a link to a great recipe on
Yes they also delight in pomegranate however be aware that they will make a mess of their feathers next to pomegranate so dont freak out as it kinda looks like blood on some birds have my husband completely freaked out one day when he saw some of the liquid on our tiel.
You can also give them other veggies too in recent times be sure to remove any uneaten fresh food promptly so that it does not spoil.
Apple seeds are poisonous to parrot! - every source I've found about apples and parrot says to. Be sure to remove the seed before giving the apple. Also, it's a upright idea to remove the coating. Fruit is sprayed with adjectives kinds of mean chemicals. If the apple is organic, still, remove the crust. It can have microbes or molds on it.

Apples without the seed are completely safe.

The yahoo group "feed feathers" has greatly of good direction on bird diets.
best not to as the seeds are poisioness
Yes! they love apples. However... not too much because it will create it dehydrated. They market dried apple chips for birds.
You can give them apples as long as THERE IS NO SEEDS and NO CORE, the seed and core are toxic to birds!
Yes of course. Please be sure within are NO seeds and wipe all fruit thoroughly back feeding...
Yes and you can serve any fruit and veggie bar avocado. NO apple seeds and no pits to peaches, plums, etc. They love corn and peas. I seize a bag of frozen peas, carrot and corn and run hot water over them to dissolve. then serve. Don't nurture iceberg lettuce as it has no nutrition and lots of chemicals. Use romaine lettuce.
Yes, they're a on form fruit to give to your bird however since things we put on plants now arne't healthy to devour it must be rinsed really well if you dispense your bird the peel. And if you want to you cna strip it, but a good purify off is ok. Then generate sure to avoid the core. The seeds and the nouns around the seeds(The cores) Isn't good for them and is in truth toxic. I feed apples to my birds adjectives the time but no cores, and I always embezzle a good amount of time wash them so that I know they are clean. No cores, and form sure it's clean. bar that yes it is a good article to give your budgie.
Birds are well again happier and live longer if they have fresh fruits and veggies contained by their diets. Im leaving you a association please know that when you first introduce the new food it might not bear to it right away or eat it surrounded by a place that you chose to put it..NONE of mine will consume their fruits or veggies (parakeets, sun conures, cockatoo, paroletts, lovebird) if the fruit is placed in any of their bowls it have to be either higher than their cages or through the bar

Remember no seeds or cores no brackish no sugar and make sure adjectives rice, pasta is cooked you can even give them pop corn as long as within is no butter or salt on it
YES! Just trademark sure you wash the pieces really moral.

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