Anyone know something almost child Chicken vigilance?

OK, my cousin *Ruth* has 3 Chickens, and she be going to have to run away for about two months.. (might be longer or shorter, depending on her job) and she manifestly can't take trouble of them.. So I offered, of course not knowing anything around chickens.. And she's gone, and I can't reach her very soon.. I don't know where to go and get ahold of her, she doesn't have a cell and she didn't head off me any numbers.. Plus it would cost a FORTUNE..

SO, anyone know anything about kid chicken care? I guess they're about 1/2 months elderly.. I think!

I also own four indoor cats and two indoor dogs, along with diverse lovebirds, budgies, ferrets, hamsters, iguanas, turtles, boas and bunnies. All indoors, and I'm wondering if I can hold on to the chickens in like room with any of them?
I kno 4 a certainty Ruth doesn't keep her house to verbs, so they're probably dirty with smoke & stuf. Could this be hazardous to my verbs, healthy animals? Also, if any, what animals would be disadvantageous to the chickens?
Answers: If the chicks seem robust I wouldn't be to worried about keeping them surrounded by the same room as your other pets.

How to determine an unsavoury chick- sleeping more then middle-of-the-road, dull eyes, runny droppings, hunched over. If you wish to check the chicks for mites you can give up your job a white cloth over their cage at hours of darkness. Look at it in the morning if within is little dots on the cloth then you hold mites. You can do the same piece with a gloomy towel the next darkness to see if they have white mites. If the chicks own mites and you can't find some chicken mite dust powder that you can use on chicks you may have to resort to grease which will suffocate the mites if you rub it onto the areas that they are living.

Caring for chicks-
What temp- When chicks are hatched they should be kept at a constant 90 degree. Every week the temperature should be dropped 5 degree. This should continue until you arrive at 75 degress after that you may know how to keep the chicks outside if it is melt enough. At 1/2 month the chicks should be kept at around 80 degree. During daylight hours the chicks can be gone outside if it is warm satisfactory. But also make sure that they are safe and sound from dogs, cats, hawlks, and other preditors in your nouns.

How to determine if the temperature is right for the chicks- If you spy in the hold that the chicks are all huddled together practical the lightbulb they are cold. If they are all on the outskirts of the brooder (what the enclose in which chicks are kept is called) after the temp is to hot. If they are everywhere in the brooder the temp is fail-safe.

What lighbulb color to use- It is suggested that you should use a red light bulb contained by a brooder. The reason man is that it will help prevent the chicks from pecking at one another.

What flooring to use- Never use a slippery flooring as it can do straddle legged and other leg disorters. Also beware of powdery sawdust in which the chicks could verbs as food. I find that paper towels work resourcefully and so does a rough cloth. If you use cloth you can also wash it and use it again.

What to feed-good chick start can be purchased at a crumb shop. You can also give them bits and pieces, vegtables, and grass. If you notice that they are idea down you can put one tablespoon of sugar per gallon of water contained by their waterer.

What type of feeders- Make sure that your chicks can't get stuck surrounded by the waterer. Chicks are not the smartest critters and can easily drown if they are stuck within a water dish. Chick waterers can be purchased at local pellet shops. Also get a crumb feeder that will have adequate holes for your chicks to get food short fighting.

Ways to stop chicks from pecking at one another- toss some grass or straw on the bottom of the shut within to prevent chicks from pecking at one another. This will help because they will find the grass and straw more interesting later their neighbor.

As they get elder you should be able to hold on to them outside more often if the heat is right. You will be able to make out when they get cold because they will puff up and huddle together. When you see them do this it is time to put them away. Also you may find that putting a board up facing the twist on a side of the cage will give a hand the chicks.

Hope this helps,
Please detail us if you're serious. I don't . . . i mean i can't even come up next to anything to say. Good luck finding an answer.
Get the vegetable grease hot, and I'll bring the potato salad!
I wouldn't put the chickens with the cats and dogs- the iguanas and what not should be alright though. Just craft sure they have adequate "personal space".
Go here, they have greatly of information about newborn chickens:
Ok, they probably still eat a food call Starter/Grower. A real fine meal-like food. Also they are within grave danger from the cats, dogs, ferret, iguanas, the turtle (if it's a big one) and certainly the boa if it can bring back to them. Probably the only animals that might possibly be within danger from the chickens are your feathered friends. Mites and such.
Baby chickens must stay within a warm, dry box or enclose out of the way of cold drafts (air conditioning vents). They drink constantly and make a horrible mess that you must stay over cleaning. And they're noisy resting on all that.
You hold a real profession on your hands. At lowest possible there are merely 3.
they would still be eating tot chick food called chick starter or somthing resembling that depending where you live.
this stuff is smaller than usual crumb but the main item about it is it have stuff in it that help a young chicken grow into a big try to find hold of some of this.. also they love learning to chase bugs so perchance get some crickets from the pet store to nurture also...little ones that you think they could put away.
you need to save them in a box beside a heat hurricane lantern or somthing that will keep them melt over night. during the afternoon take them out for rather run around in the sun. dont tolerate the cats or dogs near the chicks no concern how trust worthy they are, natural instincts can other be unpredictable... i dont think human being in a smokey house until that time hand would affect your animals..only dont let them touch any other animals incase your pets own some immunities to some things that they could verbs to the chicks and kill them and vice versa... accurate luck :) remember fresh water every daytime.
Hi there.

Chickens are honourably easy to nick care of. As some of the others own suggested, you'll need to stay higher than the cleaning. Starter/ Grower is the best thing to nurture young chicks. Also, if you're competent, let them out into your patio every so often. They love to verbs around the garden and catching bugs and things is good for them. Make sure you hold them warm too. Also, chicks grow up amazingly quickly so if you don't enjoy a lid on the box you're keeping them in, they could soon be jump out and you won't even realise! So keep an eye on that. The lone other things I can suggest is to get a mite spray or powder to hold them mite-free. Also, chickens of all ages love corn! Buy some frozen corn kernel from your supermarket and give the chicks some (defrosted) perchance once a week. You could also try rolled oats. This should be easy adequate for them to eat. Having said this though, corn and oats shouldn't replace the starter/ grower, but a bit compliment it.l They need the starter/ grower for their little growing bodies as it have nutrients in at hand that they need.

Good luck!
You will obligation to keep them protected from the other pets. It's okay if they're surrounded by the same room, but they inevitability to be VERY SECURE from the cats, boas, ferrets and dogs, which would drink a chick in the blink of an eye. In reality it would probably be best if they were surrounded by a different room. I wouldn't worry roughly speaking the chickens being dirty, as long as you keep hold of their cage verbs, that shouldnt be a problem. If the chicks look healthy than they probably arent carrying any diseases that could be transmitted to your pet birds. If they start showing signs of sickness (listlessness, nasal discharge, runny poop, loss, etc) definately seperate them in a different room from your birds because they can transmit diseases to other birds.

Chicks obligation to be kept at a fairly heat up temperature, but not too hot. Out of the sun is best. If it is cold where on earth you are, you can put a lamp over their round up to keep them thaw out. Make sure they have verbs fresh water at adjectives times, in a shallow dish or waterer so they don't drown. They can be feed on a chick starter mash, this can be purchased at any local nurture store. As they grow older you can also supplement their diet next to other things such as table scraps, bread, insects, chickens will get through just give or take a few anything. I don't know what size cage they are contained by, but make sure they hold plenty of space to run around, especially as they start to grow bigger.
So your saying they are two week matured chicks, if this is the fact consequently, keep them within their box, with the wispy check feed and hose daily progress bedding as needed like once a daytime. PS don't keep chicks beside cats or you won't have chicks.
Well, I indubitably wouldn't keep them beside the dogs, cats, iguanas, ferrets, or boas. If you preserve your lovebirds, and budgies in a room of their own, the chicks will do fine surrounded by there. Same next to the bunnies and the hampsters.

Chicks at that young age would still be on chick nurture. I would keep that constantly available to them, as okay as a clean supply of wet. But make sure that the marine isn't deep adequate for the chicks to fall contained by and drown.

I would keep them at a heat temperature. At their age, I would maintain them at about 80-85 degree F. Try and keep their box or living nouns clean by bin liner the box with any wood shavings or you could lay down newspaper (but you would hold to change it often).

Your other animals won't be contained by any danger at adjectives, chickens are quite verbs, and if you stay on top of house keeping for them, they will stay verbs.

Best of luck to you!

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