Anyone no in the region of child parakeets?

ok i opened up the box becase i considered necessary to see how the baby parakeet be. i saw that the mom was over the parakeet. when she moved it looked resembling the bird wasnt moving or breathing. could the baby be unconscious, the mother was also stepping on part of a set of the body when she was walking. sustain what should i do?
Answers: Take the box out and check to see if it is dead. If it is alive email me at I will lend a hand you.
Keep your face and hand out of the box. The Parents need to sit on the babies to maintain them warm. This is regular! The more you interfere in them, the more likly they are to slay the babies. If you have no clue what you're doing, why did you even put on a box?

Don't interfere next to the parents, period! Give them privacy and move off them alone. Feed, water and seize out of there. I can't stress this adequate. If this is their first clutch, this is what makes kid killers and egg eaters, by human errors!

I also hope you hold bands geared up for the babies! This is also a part of your responsibility of one a breeder. So they can track down the genetics that you bred!

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