Are parakeets flawless pets?

If so, how can I convince my parents to get one?
Answers: Yes.Well surrounded by my opinion you enjoy to judge em I believe.
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They are perfect pets. Lively, cheerful, and beautiful birds.
But DO A LOT OF RESEARCH formerly you even consider getting one.

How old are you? I can't assist with the convincing your parents cog. That's your job to do.
I enjoy 5 of them. It depends how much time you spend with them they should NOT be moved out in a small pen all the time. They entail exercise just close to you and I do as well as human contact and I strongly believe that parakeets do better within groups of 2 or more. They can become hand tamed but it take a lot of time and they are messy little guys but when they grasp to playing w one another and chirping the mess isnt what you think of. The start up cost of a parakeet can be expensive do NOT I repeat NOT buy a small shut within for the bird get a environment sized cage if you can. You'll involve food, toys, perchs, treats, cuttlebones, dishs and a seed guard if you dont want to be vacuuming a few times a time.

How to convince your parents to get you one..That I cant minister to with but do not EVER buy any bird minus doing alot of research on them and Im not talking reading one or two articles on them. They live 10-15 yrs some enjoy made it to 20 so its a life long piece for you as a pet owner.
hells ya olny if you have at tiniest one hour to play wif them a day
tough to tame
They trade name godo pets if hand feed or hand raise from a breeder. In my opinio pet store budgies are jsut too unreliable and unsociaable and just too much trouble. FInd a breeder. They're still unexpensive. :) If mitt fed/hand raised yes they get great pets. They require little attention(30 minutes a day will save a budgie content, but mroe is always apposite!) and may even learn a few words. They are still slightly noisey and messy though. They vital and playful and make great greenhorn pets. To convince aprents do research and do chores to eanr some of the money for your new budgie. Show you are responsible adn read out that you will take precision of the bird, adn all they involve to do is buy the food adn provide vet care. Other than that you call for to find different way to show you are respnsible, reliable and are feeling like to care for the bird.
Parakeets are massively hard to hold care of. I don't provoke anyone to get one unless they are prepared for closely of work and responsibility. It is easy for them to die if you don't properly lug care of them, and that can be totally, very dejected. I know because I lost several when I was childish like you. It broke my heart, and I still get the impression sad thinking in the order of it 20 years later. I would support you to stay away from birds until you are much older.

Some pets that are abundantly easier to care for, and are also fun:

Betta fish. Betta fish are pretty, and extremely straightforward to care for.

Dogs. Dogs do involve space, but they are very fun pets. They are also one of the best pets for young-looking people because they are exceedingly hardy little creatures, and they usually like relations a lot.

Rodents. Rabbits and mice get excellent pets. They can learn to close to people, and they are distinctly easier to care for than any bird.

Please don't buy a bird however. Birds are very different than any pet you've ever be around. They are not at all similar to dogs, cats, mice or rabbits.

Good luck, and I hope you find a good pet!

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