When i rub moisturiser into my hand can i still play beside my bird Lulu?

Well i have really dry skin and use moisturiser heaps lol, but i just this minute got a tiel and haven't used it, because i don't want to poison it lol.

But my hand and arms get scratched from her claws and it make my hands worse wreak they are dry.

I really need to moisturise and im in recent times checking it wont harm her.

Please report me what you think.

Thanks and embezzle care.
Answers: i would simply be careful to use not too much when you are planning to play near her...rub it in all right so there is no greasiness on your hand and don't let her bite at your hand right after you have done it...at hours of darkness when you go to bed and are not gonna play next to her for 7 or 8 hours...that is when you can do the sweet duy moisturizing...there is a trick that hairdressers use( their hand get drier than any i own seen)...but moisturizer on your hands LOTS! and afterwards put apair of light cotton gloves on and sleep contained by them...not sure how this works but for some reason it seem to make your hand absorb the moisturizer better
as expected u can (if u want to kill it)

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