Are at hand really egg seller out here who aren't scammers??

Im looking at possibly getting a few, Not to breed for family pets. med to generous. I wanted to know if their are any seller out their who really arent scammers?? and if they do sell eggs ?? appreciation for your time and help contained by advance..
Answers: Good egg seller are reluctant to sell to anyone.

Have you considered a little one just picked from the nest for mitt rearing? You may have better likelihood with this.

I know you read out you've done this before but exactly which eggs enjoy you done before? & which are you intending on doing in a minute? The species of the bird varies a large amount. They aren't all a piece of cake to do. Med to life-size are getting to the harder to rear & wean.

Also beside a toddler, you should know the baby bird will hold you up through the night next to feeds for some time & a toddler up adjectives day...not dictum it sin't a good thought for you, there are several home mums that do this successfully & love it.

Now for the species, you should pick a species first. Do some looking up on it & make sure the bird is suitable to your house, you & your lifestyle & toddlers & youthful children as some aren't.

I DO encourage copycat owners with toddlers to enjoy their toddlers & children get severely involved, even while other people don't recommend it. This be done to me, it taught me responsibility & how to properly guardianship for them at an early age. It also qualified us very like a shot what the consiquences were for person irresponsible or silly.

Good luck in your survey.
I would not advise getting an egg.
It's sturdy to raise a teenie little chick by itself, in need the parents. Even if you handfeed and all, the best channel is to visit a breeder and buy a bird in attendance. You will only come by the bird when it is weaned, but you can visit the breeder every week from the hours of daylight the egg has hatch so you can learn what you requirement from that.
i am more of a cat or dog person to some extent than birds
the answer is NO.

you can't ship an egg, the eggs are so fragile, and take seriously of work to hatch. (do you have an incubator? they're definite expensive...)

secondly, baby chicks require a LOT of attention. they enjoy to live in an incubator (usually different from the one that hatch eggs) and they have to be feed every 2-5 hours, depending on the species of bird. You got that sympathetic of time?

If you want a bird, find a reputable breeder in your nouns and get a child from them that's already weaned.
Yes, there are egg seller out there who aren't scammers. As to how to pick them out, that's more difficult.

You will probably find that more scammers provide 'fertile eggs' of more expensive birds, while most people who put on the market eggs of common birds approaching quails are real.

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