When is it not dangerous to procure another cockatiel?

I have my 11 week older Henry. But I read that if I get him a friend too precipitate, he wont bond with me at adjectives any more. So I was wondering at what age should I take him a friend, so that he is still bonded with me..?

Answers: Birds will bond next to people at any age and beside exposure to other birds. It is most healthy for your bird to be around other birds so he learn how to be one.

As long as you are able to provide ample social interaction everyday, you will not have an issue beside that. A breeder/pet store will tell you that birds bond at particular ages and only when they're the solitary one with you, and this is simply not true. Birds can bond at any age.
i don't know the answer to your examine... but...

... i can tell you that he doesn't stipulation a friend if YOU are his friend. they are perfectly relieved with a human scratch their neck and beak and whistle to them!

I work all morning and my dad's african grey was biting his feathers out, but my cockatiel is fine alone contained by her cage, she purely patiently waits for me to come home and spends the evening on my shoulder. these are confident birds :)
i think if you want him to bond and close to u to the best of his abilty it is best not to get him another bird as he would to some extent bond with it and prob bot resembling you as much and when they are matting you couldnt interact near them as that would disturb them

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