Albino budgie comfort.?

My female ALbino Budgie basically loves to explore so she ends up getting grubby from dust and cobwebs. How can I clean her. Her tail feathers and wing tips pause up a grey brown color. She absolutely loves baths. Is in attendance a soap I can use or do I need to stick to plain heat up water.
Answers: Don't use soap.

Plain wet is the best,

But if you absolutely obligation to (which in this hold I wouldn't advise), you can use a regular DAWN dish soap. Dawn only, because it's the with the sole purpose thing meek enough. If you do use it, be sure to keep hold of out of its eyes and rinse it thoroughly when you're done.
I have a true albino parakeet manly. Do NOT ever use a soap on your birds. Stick with plain sea.
Stick to plain water. There is no nontoxic "soap" for birds
Perhaps you should clean where on earth the bird will be exploring then she will stay cleaner.
If you only just use plain water she should be fine. And trademark sure to dry until she is damp previously letting her go free within a room or wherever. Since she loves baths, possibly you could invest in a hip bath for her. Just get a middle-of-the-road bird bath and put it up lofty and make sure to renovate the water repeatedly. Have a good time near your bird.
Yea I also agree with plain melt water

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